Newbie would like some advice on Paddy


Mar 19, 2006
Hello everyone,

I am a newbie and has lurking around the forum for a while, so I think it is time to stand out and say hi to everyone. I lived in UK and I am a new graduate, never own a Chloe but recently I was eyeing :love: a metallic blue paddy with black hardware in NAP but would like some opinion before I purchase :confused1: , so got few questions if anyone could answer~~

1) are all paddys heavy? I heard people said the new version of lock is lighter then before, is it true?

2) do you think the metallic blue will be more limit/special than the black w/ black hardware? (I read somewhere that the black hardware paddys are limited edition :confused1: )

3) should I wait NAP for further reduction or just buy it now? My local department store (harvey nichols) do have this style but not on sale (there are quite a few chip on the lock as well), so I don' think I'll buy from them now. I am not in London area so can't check in store.

By the way I'll go to Hong Kong in February, should I wait until then and hunt in secondhand stores??

Ah... :Push: I just cannot made the decision or maybe I think too much~~ It will be great if anyone can give me some opinion and I will appreciate that, thanks for looking this post. ;)



Aug 19, 2006
Hi Anny,

1) For me, I wouldn't say it's HEAVY. It is heavIER than my other bags, yes, but not very heavy. It takes some getting used to. You should drop by Harvey Nics and try one on to see how comfortably (or not!) it falls on your shoulder.

2) Can't really say! But looks like there are no black locks on anything for this S/S collection. One thing black on black/blue owners have mentioned is when the coating on the lock starts, it is more obvious since the lock is silver inside. You might want to consider that.

3) Wait for the Aloha Rag sale. There should be one coming up this January, if what I was told is right. I think depot ventes in Hong Kong like Milan Station might actually be a bit more expensive if you compare it to 50% off sales like AR.

Good luck!


May 1, 2006
welcome vuittonolic :smile:

The bag is heavier than many bags, but you get used to it really quickly. They had the blue on NAP at sale price, and you can use a code to get free shipping at the moment. With that in mind, the best thing to do is purchase it on a credit card and see if you are really loving it. I bet you will ;), but if you are not, you can also return it for free, and you havent lost a penny :smile:

Good luck with your decision, and its great to have another Brit here too!!!


Mar 19, 2006
Thank you eucalyptic and chloe-babe, I did went to harvey nichols to hold the bag (lol:drool: ) but it wasn't heavy as I expected, so I don't know if the current locks are lighter than the past version.

Also what is the code to get free shipping at NAP? I tried to use freeship127v but it's said the code is not valid, so is there a new one? Many thanks.