Newbie - wondering what the chain is for

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I'm usually in the Balenciaga forum. The other day I saw the most gorgeous purple Botkier bag and had to get it. It's a purple James tote bag and I just love it! Since I know very little about the brand I was wondering what the long chain inside the bag is for?:shrugs: Anyone know?

    TIA :flowers:
  2. It's for you to attach your keys so it is easier to find, and since the chain is long enough, you can open the door without detaching the keys from it.
  3. Oh wow, great idea. Thanks so much! I'm loving the leather it's so pillowy and lush.
  4. Congrats! Do you have pics to share? :graucho: I have a purple James too (the Hobo), and OMG, yes, that leather is wonderful, isn't it?? :nuts: Pillowy and lush is definitely a good description for it!

    Also, yup, like tejava said, that's what the chain is for, although I don't personally use it, heh.
  5. Yup, the chain is for you to hook your keys too. That way, you won't worry about losing your keys or have to dig for them in your purse. I also love that the chain is long enough for me to open and close doors without detaching the chain! I really love the layout and organization of the inside of Botkier bags, with the chains and many pockets, I feel like they help me be more organized! It really shows true workmanship, because Botkier doesn't just stop with a pretty exterior, she goes further to make the inside really luxe as well!

    I don't always hook my keys to the chain - sometimes I don't use it, sometimes I use it to hook other things that I know I'll be taking in and out and might get lost in the bag because they're small :smile:
  6. The chain is one of my favorite features of my Trigger. I was actually telling a client about the brand and about the chains/interior pockets. She had never heard of Botkier before but was excited to hop online and check out the line.
  7. I actually hang it on the outside of my Kai Convertible just for looks. I love Botkier details.
  8. I love the chain as well. I packed 2 Botkiers out of the 3 bags I brought with me for my current trip. I'll be away till September, am always out & about taking the subways, buses & taxis, I feel so paranoid about my losing keys/cash/bank cards/CCs/IDs.

    When I was home, I never had to worry losing things because I always drove to get around & there was no worry about being pickpocketed. Whereas where I am now, I constantly worry about losing my essentials & keys.

    I only put a limited amount of cash that I would be spending for the day or two & non essentials stuffs in my wallet. I put more cash & essentials in the zippered pocket, link my keys to the chain, and more small bills in another one of the pockets so that I don't need to take the wallet out every time (I'm the motherlode of paranoia, as you can tell).

    Overall, I love the Botkiers because of the many convenient pockets & the chain, they are great bags for traveling. At home, I don't use the chain at all but at least on this trip, it provides a peace of mind for me that I still have the keys to get back to the apartment (as long as my entire purse doesn't go