newbie--wondering about size of Gryson skye?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I am new here. I saw pictures online of gryson bags and they are the first high-end bag I have been very interested in. I was wondering if someone has a pic of them holding this bag because the dimensions seem really big. Also...has anyone heard of the "Talia?" I read that this is the smaller version of the Rachel and will be priced around $500. I thought this seemed interesting?

    Is the attached pic the skye or olivia? Does anyone know?

    Thanks again!

  2. thanks! This does help. :smile: I think...that the picture must be of the Olivia then because I'm assuming the model is tall and the dimensions seem smaller for the Skye...
  3. the bag in that picture is the Olivia. the Talia bag is a mini version of the Skye. you can see all four at SHOPINTUITION. i love the size of my Skye bag, i use it as a weekend bag. the Talia is more of a nighttime size, like a louis vuitton pouchette.
  4. Thanks Milton. I took a look at shop intuition. I think the Talia would be too small for daytime use, esp in NY. :smile: Thanks for your help!