Newbie with some questions!!!

  1. I'm not exactly a newbie to the PF but I am an LV newbie! I've been lurking now for a little while trying to learn what I can before posting a bunch of newbie questions! I've purchased my first "new to me" epi petit noe in toledo blue and should have it soon which is very exciting to me!! :yahoo: So, now I'm thinking about a speedy 30, either in mono or damier. I'm leaning toward damier at the moment (at the moment changes by the second btw!) simply because I don't have to fuss with the vachetta. I really love the batignolles but after looking at my Coach collection I have realized that I don't really need a bag in that style. I don't have a hand held bag right now and a speedy is classic.

    Now, my decision is this... I'm going to use my Neiman's card to purchase because we are traveling in about a month and I don't want to use what cash I have before we leave. I'm good about paying things off so credit is not an issue with me. I think I read that LV is eligible for rewards on the NM card too which is also an incentive! I've found that there is an LV boutique in Houston's NM and one in Short Hills. Being a newbie, I'm just a bit intimidated by doing a phone order so want to find a SA who will be helpful and friendly! I do not want my first LV experience to be unpleasant. I cannot go to a boutique as I am in the middle of nowhere!

    Would anyone like to recommend one of the two stores above? I'd like to take care of this soon as I can then take the bag with me when we travel. Thanks for reading my long post and for any help and encouragement you all can give!! :yes: (and I will post pics as soon as I have my goodies in hand!)
  2. Welcome!!!:heart: I will PM you with the information you need to get your new bag :yahoo:
  3. I've dealt with Danielle at the Houston Neiman Marcus LV and she's a sweetheart.
  4. Thank you!! You are very helpful!! I've read about others who don't have a pleasant experience at different LV boutiques and I just don't want that to happen my first time, you know? OK, so now I only have to worry about the serious side effects of LV addiction, correct?
  5. LOL! You're welcome. ;)

    All you have to enjoy and worry about is the LV addiction. :devil:
  6. welcome to the dark side t!! [​IMG]

    definitely go for damier!! I love the damier speedy.
  7. :yahoo: I ordered it! A damier speedy 30!! I should have it in a week!! OMG! I'm so excited!!!
  8. :yahoo::yahoo:Congrats to you.. I am so happy for you..
    The Damier is a great choice... but then again. I am partial to Damier and Epi!!
  9. Which is what my first 2 bags are! A gently used epi petit noe in toledo and now a damier speedy 30! Next is a batignolles vertical! :graucho: Then I will rest from my handbag pursuits before I take on Hermes!
  10. :yahoo: :biggrin: congrats!! love that damier. two good first choices!!
  11. hi teena! welcome to LV!:heart: i see you already got some great advice and you will soon be an owner of not one, but two LVs. i'm really excited for you....can't wait to see them and please start a thread showing them off!:yahoo:
  12. Thanks so much! You all have been so helpful and kind! I'm walking on clouds right now! See, this is what happens with addiction! You get that awesome adrenaline rush with each purchase! Dang!
  13. ^^ enjoy the feeling!:heart:
  14. Yay, you made it!!!!

    I have both the damier and mono speedys in 25. The Damier is much easier to care for. Which one are you more "attracted" to?
  15. Congrats & welcome to the club!