newbie with some leather care & moisturizing ??'s

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  1. hi there,
    i just got my very first mulberry today after years of lusting after the bayswater. I'm almost always in the land of MARC JACOBS, but lately decided to finally add this bag to my collection. I've been reading up the past 3 days on my particular bag and the bayswaters in general. you gals are a wealth of knowledge and have so many drool-worthy pictures! so THANK YOU!

    now, normally I use Cadillac leather conditioner on all my bags. I've had chloe and YSL before too and used the same, no problems. but I read a few times on here that you ladies use a collonil product....and that leather conditioner is a no-go, according to mulberry can any of you tell me what I can use on my new bag? I live in the states too, so perhaps that's why im partially unfamiliar with this collonil stuff... but please, any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. I cant wait to get that worn in patina on my bag...

    here's the new bag too. a tooled butterfly bayswater in rio/oak leather 9i think)


  2. Welcome!

    Collonil waterstop is what Mulberry recommends, but there girls here who uses other sprays too - if you do a search on i.e collonil some helpful threads should come up.

    Creams are mostly needed for older bags, at least that's what the SA's says.
    Clarks, R&B and Wooly are used by many in here.

    I'm not the expert, hopefully you'll get a more helpful answer from someone else ;)

    Congrats on your tooled bays :biggrin:
  3. I'm afraid I'm not an expert on care/moisturising either (though I find Avene pretty good on my face!) - I've only ever used Collonil. But I do think that your tooled bays is a beauty!
  4. i use both collonil gel cream and collonil spray on my bayswater...
    i'm trying to look online at US stockists, or someone who will ship to US.
    Bear with me...
    if all else fails, would you like me to buy it and send it to you???
  5. I use Clarks Premium Leather Cream on my oak bags and that works fine. But rub it out real good directly after applying!
  6. is leather cream like a clear polish? i have clear leather polish....i used cadillac and it seems to hae worked fine, softened up the leather a bit and didn't change the color or anything. i really appreciate all that have chimed in so far. thanks girls!
  7. Hi - lovely bag you have there!
    It looks like it's in very good condition, so unless it looks/feels 'dry', I'd say just protect it from rain with a spray, such as Collonil Waterstop, Woly's product, or if neither are in the States, perhaps go to a store and ask for their recommended product.
  8. ^ thank you....and yes, the bag is in excellent condition. the only sign of wear i could find was a lil tear in the leather that connects the pocket area inside to the bag. you dont see it unless you look, but overall....there's no marks or anything. im very pleased!
  9. The NYC Mulberry stores in the United States sell the collonil - that is where I got mine when I got my Bays.... I got the spray, not the gel cream though.
  10. Congratulations for your beautiful bag!
    So far I only use spray to protect against ugly rainspots on my bags.

    Since you are a MJ fan: what do you use on those bags to protect them against rain and snow? Very recently I bought my first MJ and don't know what to do, because the leather is so special.
  11. ^ about MJ bags, it really depends on what kind of leather it it. recently, i've had a MJ single and MBMJ natasha in lambskin and both got caught in a rainstorm with no protective spray and were fine. normally i used cadillac leather moisturizer and kiwi brand waterproofing spray. most MJ soft calf bags are fine in the rain though. some of the most durable bags i have ever owned. i hope that helps a bit :flower:

    thanks for the help girls! i'll see if i can find some collonil on ebay and if i cant find it, i'll try the store in NY.
  12. Resurrecting an old thread for advice instead of starting a new one - I've got the Ink Splat Bays (Oak vegetable tanned) - the leather seems to be a smidge dried out - says to treat with the Collonil spray, which I have. What is good for moisturizing? I don't want to ink splat to bleed out or something if I treat it. Does anyone have this bag and has successfully moisturized it?
  13. Hi there - I think there's a few threads on this subject around here somewhere - hopefully others can help. Personally, I've used Woly shoe creme and Clarks Premium leather creme, but not sure whether these are available in the US
  14. Thanks, Lady.

    I bit the bullet and used Coach Moisturizer - worked great. :smile: So maybe that will help someone.
  15. Hiya sarafina, I've got the same ink print bays and I used the leather gel on the mulberry website... it's really nourishing I think... it gave the bag a verrry subtle sheen.