Newbie with s/s 08 striped nappa

  1. Hi, ladies! Newbie here :smile: And I just purchased my first Prada a few days ago online!! It's the large sized striped nappa leather as shown in the link below BUT it is in the blue/purple combo not like on the link.

    I'm soooooo excited but it will be a week until Hautelook ships my baby off to me and then I gotta wait til it crosses the border.

    I do have one curious question and please bear with me if these have been answered before. I couldn't find it on the forum search. What is the best way to clean this leather and is it necessary to apply protectant on it?

    Thanks in advance for your advice!
  2. i never use a cleaner on my bags.....just a damp cloth
  3. I can't wait to see pics! Congratulations!!
  4. congrats and cant wait for yr pics..:tup:
  5. yeah, pics please!! :yes:
  6. Can't wait to see your pics!!! Congrats!!!
  7. Hi, I have the same bag, I think! Mine was retail $2195 and it is the same color combo as yours. I absolutely LOVE this bag. EVERYWHERE I go, people have stopped me to admire her, you will be very happy soon. As for cleaning, I agree with the others, just use a damp cloth if needed but I would be careful. You shouldn't have any problems with it, the leather is the best quality and I can't really see that you will pick up much in the way of dirt or staining.

  8. Congratulations -- love the bag and the colorway sounds fabulous -- that shape is just to die for. I'd love to see modeling pics too !!
  9. congrats!!!
  10. post pics when you get it!!!!! congrats
  11. I've been such a big fan of Prada's leathers and I'm so excited to finally buy one for myself. Glad to hear that it's pretty easy to maintain.

    I'm still waiting to receive it. I'm thinking it will likely take a few weeks! It's not even been a week yet and I'm feeling very impatient.

    kiara58, how nice we adopted the same baby! :woot: I can't wait to show her off! And I definitely will post some modelling as soon as I get her.

    Thanks again, ladies!!
  12. Can't wait for your pics
    Havne' had much success in finding pics on the forum from other TPFers.
    Am interested, but I wonder if it's super hard to get now?
    I like the Pink/Purple Tote.
    I need some pics to decide, LOL!!! I'd be super impatient too if I were you!!
  13. oh i LOVE that bag so much. They have them at the prada store in sydney and i am lusting them but they are so exy .... congrats on your fabulous purchase!
  14. Omg, my handbag finally came today by courier!!! This is my first Prada and I'm so impressed with the leather, the quality, the style. I looooove this piece so much! I am worried about scratching it as its leather seems so delicate though; it actually has a small scratch already but it's only noticible to me because I thoroughly inspected it. I still love my new baby though! Wooop!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    Prada 001.jpg Prada 002.jpg Prada 003.jpg Prada 004.jpg
  15. Oh, another thing...Hautelook didn't send me authenticity cards though. Is that really necessary? It looks and feels real enough to me. Think I should bug them about it? I paid $1900 Canadian. The leather is so buttery soft, I feel like petting it all day long! lol.