Newbie with question regarding leather care

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  1. Hello - I'm looking for advice on whether or not I should pre-treat my new handbag. Based upon some of the posts I've read here on this website I went ahead and ordered the Apple leather care products and was planning on pre-treating my new bag with the Rain/Stain Gard. However, after contacting the handbag's customer service dept I've learned that they do not recommend any pre-treatment. They suggested that I only use the leather conditioner if and when the bag becomes dirty and that I use the dust bag that came with it for prevention. The bag is a very light stone color so I'm concerned that it will become dirty quite soon even though I plan on being very careful with it. Do you think it's possible that the customer service rep is incorrect? Should I follow their recommendations? Please advise - thank you!
  2. Depending on what brand of bag it is I would ask in that brand's subforum.

    If they don't have their own subforum this should be in the handbags & purses section.