Newbie! (with Pictures!)

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  1. Hi everybody! This is my first time posting in the CL forum, but I've been lurking for a few days now... I LOVE seeing everybody's gorgeous shoes, it probably makes me happier than it should :shame: Anyway, just thought I would share my collection and see what everybody thinks!

    [Sidenote: Please excuse the mess on the floor and the dirty mirror!]

    1. This was my first CL purchase: the Rodita! These don't seem like a huge hit here, but I love them because I had been craving a pair of bad-ass shoes and these just seemed fun!


    2. Yellow patent Joli Noeud: I love these! They're not the most comfortable because of the d'orsay style but I just can't part with the color/style! The only problem is that my heels keep popping out of them. Are the gaps in the back horrible? I don't think I can size down because my right foot wouldn't fit in a smaller size... What do you think?


  2. 3. Nude patent Yoyo 110 (I think?): These are absolutely to die for! I have pretty wide feet (not as wide as they look in the pics, today was just a disgustingly hot and humid day :yucky:) so they don't look the best in CL shoes but I love them anyway :s These made my feet numb when I first put them on, but then I stretched them out with socks for a few days and now they're much much much better!


    4. Beige grease Yoyo 85: I like these a lot! I really don't like the sculpted heel that much, but the color is gorgeous! I probably won't keep these though because I just don't see myself wearing these and I think I have CLs in mind already, but they're so pretty to look at!

  3. WELCOME dukechickie!:welcome:Glad to have another Carolina Girl on the CL forum.

    I love your Rodita. I haven't seen them on anyone yet, and they look so good on your feet! Much better than in the pictures. You ROCK them!

    The yellow Jolie's are incredible! You MUST make them work. All you need is a heel insert. You can find them at RiteAid or CVS Pharmacy. They work wonders. Also, remember that you feet might swell a little in the summer heat.

    Ooooo, I didn't see the nude and the beige yoyos. They look good too!
  4. ALL GORGEOUS! I love the yellow jolis!
  5. 5. Blue oh my slings: These were definitely the most comfortable! I definitely see these being the perfect work shoe, but I'm about to return them because I'm not really a fan of slingbacks on a shorter heel on me and I already have too many blue shoes. This is my favorite toe shape, so I may have to re-buy these later on in black or beige!


    Also, I hope that by showing these pictures, I don't come off as showing off in the least bit! I know you ladies would understand sharing the CL love with others!
  6. Gorgeous collection! The yellow Jolies are amazing :love:
  7. OMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You did it for me! Im soooo calling Saks to order those Jolis today!! All I needed was a pic of the yellow to fall in love!!!
    Great collection!
  8. Welcome!!! you have a great collection already... :tup:

    The Rodita looks really cool.
    I also like the O my slings too! Looks great on you...too bad you're going to return it.
  9. Welcome :flowers:

    What a hot collection :tup: especially loving the yellow Jolies (can you get a cobbler to stretch the toe box if you size down?) and blue Oh My Slings - haven't seen that colour before. Have to admit I returned mine (black jazz) too - just didn't get the CL shiver when I put them on, even thogh they were TDF in pics online and comfortable on. That's the way it goes sometimes :shrugs:
  10. Congrats and welcome and thank you for posting pictures... :tup:
    These yellow Jolis are SWEEEEEEET~ :nuts:
    I think a Foot Petal in the front of the left should should fix the problem.
  11. Hi everybody! Thanks so much for the welcome and the kind responses! :smile: This forum seems like such a supportive (and enable-friendly) place, and I'm thrilled to finally be a part of it!

    Lynn12: Ah yes North Carolina! I love it here! But I'm really a Jersey girl who's here for school... so I'll be leaving after graduation, but a piece of me will always be in NC :yes:

    Stinas: I love the yellow! You have to get it!! Post pictures when you do! I'm glad I could enable somebody... :P

    Chins4: I don't think I could size down because my right foot (which looks like the left one in the picture because of the mirror) seems to fit this one length-wise... it's just the minor issue of the heel slipping out so I gotta try heel grips. Hopefully that will work :sweatdrop:

  12. Those yellow jolis are gorgeous. I want some too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
  13. Welcome!! What a great CL collection!! You fit perfectly in the CL club!!

  15. I must admit, I don't like the Roditas in white, but the black are gorgeous on you!

    The Yellow Jolies are so nice and cheery.

    What can I say about your 2 yoyos??? I love both of them and I can empathize with you on the comfort issue. The Beige I have and I love this gold color. I really needed gold shoes and these fit the bill for me. Think about keeping them, b/c the color is just gorgeous.

    The Oh My slings in Beige I have been wanting, but alas, Saks ran out of my size. If you like the fit, try to exchange them for the Beige instead. If you don't like the slings then maybe the Simples will work out better for you, since they are very similar to each other.