Newbie with my 1st Kooba in Elisha-blonde! Would like how-to's for Wilsons, please.

  1. Hi! I fell in love with this bag in a NM catalog and caved when they had a 30% off sale either 2 or 3 months ago! It was backordered and now I've had it for 5 or 6 weeks. I found this forum about 2 weeks ago and that helped me make my decision last week I decided to keep it. This is a big thing for me.

    I ordered the Wilson's spray, thought it would be an aerosol, but it's a pump. And now I'm chicken to spray it on!

    Would someone please hold my hand and walk me through the steps? I'd also like to have your individual recommendations on how many coats and what the benefits are to that number of coats, please.

    How far away do I hold the spray? It says not to saturate the bag on the bottle, but what is the correct amount, so I can be sure I get enough?

    I'm sorry to be so scared like this. It's my first and I don't want to mess it up.

    Thank you! (Oh, I JUST NOW found out that dh's grandma has passed away about an hour ago. :crybaby: She was a fantastic woman to my dh and to me. She also would've been beside herself to know I spent so much on a bag...:sad:
  2. Sorry about your Grandma's passing. I think alot of that generation would not understand the outrageous price of purses.

    I use the non aerosol. No big deal. Just hold it 6-8 inches away and lightly mist it all over. so all parts are covered. You might get some dark spots of more concentrated wetness but don't worry. In about 2 hours it all dries and no spotting or color change occurs. I wait 4 hours or overnight (that's just what I do) and do it again. Just be thorough in covering all areas but don't saturate it. I do it twice but plan on doing mine again every 6 months or so just to keep them up. I've done all of my bags and no harm.
  3. Thank you for the how-to's! One more question, every six months when you respray, do you do anything to make sure they're clean first?

    Thanks for your words about my dh's grandma! I think you're right.
  4. I keep my bags pretty meticulous. I wipe finished bags off with a baby wipe sometimes and always take care of any tiny spot that may occur. If you think the bag is dirty I'd wipe it off it if you can do it without comprimising the leather. I only do this on finished leathers like my Jessie, Jillian. Any bag with a sheen.

    On this subject I had my bag sitting on the table. My Cat was sitting on the chair. She sneezed and threw a big Hocker (sorry for that horrid word) on my Alex bag...LOL Thanks God for Wilsons. Wiped right off. Should I write the company with that good review? LOL
  5. That makes a lot of sense and I'm glad you posted so I can make my bags almost as happy as yours must be. :smile: As I read your comment I remembered about leather conditioner. Do you ever use that? Thanks again! And my new bag thanks you even more.
  6. Yes, I use Wilson's leather & suede protector. There are many past threads on it.
  7. It sounds like the same thing to protect them, but I will look up those old threads to be sure. Thanks so much for helping me out. I've got to just get over myself and spray the thing before summer's over, lol.