Newbie with Fendi question!

  1. Hello ladies! I am new to this forum today. I have been reading threads and just love the information I have found on here in just a short 15 minutes. I do come with a question. I am not a handbag junkie, in fact I seldom even carry a bag. (I know, I know) But I do get very lucky at finding high end bags when "thrift" shopping. Today, I purchased a Fendi Bag, silver spy style (I get my info on bags from eBay, then seek further on my own). The bag is in great condition, except for the wrist piece does not attach to the bag anymore. I took the bag to a trading place here in St. Louis to maybe get info on the bag and maybe find a place to fix the problem. The man looked it over, pinching and rubbing and then offered me $100.00 for the bag, as is. I told him I would let him know Monday, giving me some time to investigate repair options. He didn't authenticate the bag, he just smiled and made an offer. How would one get this bag fixed? Any information would be helpful. I am thinking about getting it fixed and keeping the bag for myself. It is really cute. My first Fendi. I am sure it is real from viewing sites. And you would never believe what I paid for this. I don't have my camera unpacked or I would list PICS. Just moved and everything is everywhere. Thanks for your time.

  2. Welcome to the forum! :flowers: I was going to ask for pics because that would really help in both understanding the attachment problem as well as determining its authenticity. If you can unpack it sometime that would be great. Real spy bags cost a lot, if in bad condition on eBay the lowest is around $800, though could go to 600$. The silver bimetal (silver with a little gold) is relatively new. I'm not sure what exactly you mean by the wrist part is unattached (just visualizing what that sounds like). If its a real bag it seems highly unlikely, however Fendi may be able to fix it, I don't know how. You'd have to sent it to Italy via a boutique or something and it would cost you. A leather or shoe repair store might be able to fix it too, I don't know. Did the guy not say he could fix it and simply offer 100$??

    If it is fake then financially you should take the 100$ because it isnt worth anything unless you bought it from eBay and could get your money back from the seller for selling you a fake. However this guy may just resell this bag, and I don't agree with that at all. What to do with it if it is fake would be your decision.

    If you manage to get your camera please take pics of the leather, inside lining, serial numbers (inside, hologram inside, and pics of the "damage" to the wrist part. Hope that helps some. Feel free to ask any more questions we're all here to help, and I'm sure someone else will have better advice than me.
  3. Here are some pics of a real silver bimetal. Is your bag leather or something else? First pic is a stock photo from a store and the second is a pic of a tpf members bag that is real.