Newbie with board questions

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  1. Hello!

    I've been reading this site for several days now and I have a couple of questions, if you all don't mind. I checked the FAQ and I didn't see anything there.

    OK, so what is PCE and what is RAOK?

    Also is it possible to get a Coach bag at a decent price at the marketplace here???

    I take it PCE is some sort of coach discount or sale?? And it sounds like RAOK is an exchange of some sort, but what does it stand for???:blush:

    Also, when I tried to add an avatar, it told me that I wasn't allowed to post images? Do I have to have a certain post count to add an avatar? I didn't see the answer to that in the FAQ either.

    Thanks and sorry to be so uninformed!
  2. HEHE, newbie here too. PCE=preferred customer event (Coach mails selected customers a 25% very few months; I got one last month!!!:yahoo: ) RAOK=random acts of kindness (members of the forum exchanged presents...).
  3. Hi! I'm new semi-new too...RAOK stands for Random Acts of Kindness. It's a really neat thing the girls do here. Each girl is given a buddy (but they're not allowed to know who they are), and they send a series of gifts. At the end, the buddies are revealed.

    PCE is the Preferred Customer Event, where a chosen amount of Coach customers are given something like 25% off a purchase.

    I'm not all that experienced with the Coach lingo yet (since like I said, I'm fairly new). So if anybody wants to add on or correct what I wrote, go right ahead!
  4. PLEASE do a board search next time.
  5. I didn't think to do that, sorry. I just searched the newcomers lounge and the FAQ.

    Everyone else..Thanks for your help!!! :yes:
  6. Welcome to tPF! Glad to have ya hear. :yes: