Newbie with another question

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  1. Okay everyone, in the last week I've purchased a Gray Tharpe, a Goldrush Clutch Wallet and 3 Pilots; Silver, Violet Patent and Violet Metallic and am anxiously awaiting receiving everything.

    However, I haven't received the Pilots yet and I already have a concern. I was reading on one of the other message boards that I'm a member of that some of the Violet & Silver Metallic Pilots are arriving with the color flaking off and white showing from underneath. :sad:

    Has anyone had this problem with these two colors in anything else? Even though the Violet Metallic was only $49 and the silver was $98, I can't see being happy with them if the color is going to come off.

    Thoughts??? Should I be worried or should I just hope this is a few isolated incidents?
  2. I don't have anything in those colors so I can't offer any thoughts...but congrats on your purchases and I hope they're gorgeous!
  3. Make sure to show us pictures when they arrive!
  4. My violet pilot have flaked but it was a SS one, so hopefuly yours will be ok. It's a beautiful color!