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  1. Im new and am looking into buying my first ever Marc Jacobs bag:yahoo: Im in love with the Lola bag, but havent seen it in person. I live near Boston and im going to head up there this weekend, but wanted to see if anyone owned this bag and if they loved it? This would be by far the most expensive bag i've ever purchased, so i want to make sure i'll love it. I carry my bags for a long time so im sure i'll get my moneys worth. Im still trying to convince my husband since he will be funding it since i stay at home with my son:smile:
  2. First of all, :welcome2:to tPF!:welcome:
    (and the Wonderful World of MJ!)

    I love the Lola bag and have contemplated one myself. It's really an updated version of the Venetia bag, which is one of MJ's original "classic" styles. The Lola is made from extremely soft leather and comes in two sizes. The smaller one has a longer shoulder strap. I think that this is an excellent choice as your first MJ bag -- it would be the equivalent of someone buying a Blake or Venetia or Multi-Pocket bag, which are MJ classics that are no longer being made (in their original form)

    Here are some threads that might be helpful that include pics of the bag and modeling shots!

    (p.s. this season's Bordeaux is BEAUTIFUL, esp in the Lola style -- you should check it out!!)
  3. welcome to mj! :heart:

    great links jj!
  4. Thanks for the warm welcomes! I will go check out the pictures:biggrin: