Newbie with a ?

  1. Hello ladies...I'm looking to buy my first LV. I want the Speedy 30 and have for quite some time. What are good places to buy my first one online? Also are there any recommendations on legitimate eBay sellers? Thanks in advance. :smile:
  2. try are an authorized dealer!
  3. Check out the shopping section there are threads about various eBay sellers but buying new your only options are really eluxury (or if in UK)
  4. I agree with the others, is the best place to buy a new LV from. Good Luck! :flowers:
  5. for your first lv, it should be brand new, from eluxury or the store.
  6. I'd go to the boutique for my first LV purchase! It's such a great experience!
  7. If you don't have a boutique nearby, I recommend I think you will thoroughly enjoy having a brand new LV bag!
  8. Welcome!
  9. i agree about the boutique being a great experience... but if you don't have one close by, go with eluxury! congrats in advance! :smile:
  10. Eluxury! But if you could, definitely worth to pay the tax to get it in boutique for your first LV :yes: