Newbie with a vintage Breton problem


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Hi there. I have a vintage black congo Breton that I adore and use daily. I inherited the bag and am totally sold on Mulberrys and plan to expand my family when funds allow.
Advice/comments would be very welcome; My bag's handles now bend near the bag and fold over when I put it down and don't hang it up. Has anyone else had this problem? Would Mulberry replace the handles on an older model and would the handles go on to do the same again. They need replacing anyway as my new kittens have had a go at chewing the handles too (little tiny teeth marks!!!!!!!) before I realised that I needed to hang it up out of their way!!!

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Nov 25, 2008
Welcome to Mulberryland. :smile:

I don't know about the Breton model specifically but I don't see why Mulberry wouldn't be able to attach new handles, I'd contact their customer services. The details are shown on their website, they are usually extremely helpful. You would need to send it to their factory at Shepton Mallett and they will let you know how much it will cost before doing the work.