newbie with a tokidoki question

  1. Hi all! I have a question, and I'm hoping that someone can help me.

    My daughter is asthmatic, and I have to carry her inhaler and aerochamber in my bag at all times. I saw the Mamma Mia and love it! But I'm wondering about the size. I need it to be big enough to hold her stuff, plus mine.

    Is it a good size? I have a Coach Hamptons small tote from a few years ago that I love, but it's too small.

    Thanks for your help in advance!
  2. Hi, I have the mamma mia and it might not be big enough for your needs; It is about 8 inches tall and 13 in length. The Buon Viaggo or the Zucca could probably be better. Hope this helps!:smile:
  3. That does help! Thanks!:smile:
  4. Yeah, mamma mia would be way to small. I have Buon Viaggio and its pretty big. I also have a zucca which is large but may not be wide enough. Have you looked at campeggio, it has two large pockets in the front, it can be worn across the body or on the shoulder and would hold a lot. If I had to carry my stuff plus one then I would go with that. Across the body bags can be convenient especially with kids.
  5. i agree! :yes:
  6. good luck finding a bag that fits you well, fits the items well and looks good! isn't that always the fight!
  7. Thanks everyone! You are such a huge help!:biggrin:

    I really wish the aerochamber wasn't so big...but it works for her!

    I'm going to keep looking.:girlsigh: Thanks again to all!

  8. Pls let us know what you decided on :biggrin: