Newbie with a question

  1. I just bought this bag from a charity shop in South London (UK)

    I've had a scout around but cannot find any refs to it online, any pics or anything. I just wondered if you guys recognised it? You sure seem up on your handbags.

    It had a Chanel cardboard tag with a four digit number tucked inside, but no crazy holographic stuff or long serial numbers etc.
  2. I've never seen a bag like that.
    If it's a bag newer than 20 years or so, which I can tell it is by the style, it will have a little leather tag inside w/ a holographic sticker on it. That sticker has a # that would correspond to it's authenticity card.
    Can you post the pic of the card?
  3. Sure, I'll take a picture tonight. It feels like a good quality bag, but... well, I have no idea about bags! I just really liked it. I'm certain there's no holographic thing inside though, unless it's hidden under a flap or something. I'll take some more detailed pics and come back tomorrow.

    Thank you!
  4. the hologram stickers are notoriously hard to find. Look in the corners of the bag and inside the pockets.
  5. Well I remembered my USB cable and forgot my camera (I took some proper digital pics - the original one of the bag was taken just using my mobile) so I don't have pics today.

    I've realised this thread should probably be merged with the authentication thread but I don't know how to do it, so I guess we can carry on here.

    I will look again for the sticker. I've had quite a good search inside, looking in the pockets etc but the lining is so soft and feels quite delicate I didn't want to wreck it.

    I made some notes:

    The exterior is leather, the lining feels to be suede (not certain on this.)

    The squares on the outside are all uniform. However, one of the black squares is a little off centre with the stitching.

    The straps are heavy and formed of one strip of leather folded in the centre.

    All the hardware is silver in colour.

    Both the zips have CHANEL on one side and the logo on the other. However, the CHANEL on the inside zip looks different from the exterior zip.

    The leather label sewn into the bag has the same stitching as the rest of the bag (not contrast stitching) but doesn't say 'made in' anywhere, it just says 'FRANCE' (or possibly PARIS - I can't believe I haven't written that down.)

    The cardboard tag wasn't attached to the bag, but was tucked into an inside pocket (I was surprised when I found it.) It's black with the logo on one side. The other side has a sticker (like a price sticker) with a four digit number on. I guess this actually could be a price sticker from a different country or something (not the UK, as it reads 6 thousand and something!)

    I'll be back on Monday with photos.
  6. I wonder if it's real. What concerns me is on the side, the letters are partially in the seam. I would think that if it were real, the lettering would be aligned perfectly.

  7. This is the part that concerns me. It doesn't sound good.