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Apr 9, 2009
So I was searching, and I did find an old thread with this question. Is a legit place to purchase a handbag? I know the older thread was saying they had no physical address listed, etc. and all this was a red flag. However, the old thread was from 2008, and the site now has an address, email and telephone listed. Also they now state under FAQ that all products are 100% guaranteed authentic or your money back. I'm not really looking for a steal on a handbag, but I had an older Prada bag that I absolutely loved that got stolen! I have searched everywhere to find the bag but it was from a few seasons ago so I've had no luck. AMPMFASHION.COM has the bag (listed as vintage ha!). I was just wondering what the opinion is on whether the bags are authentic or not?

I did notice that most of the bags are out of season on that site, and I wondered if that is why they were able to sell at such a discount.

HELP! I miss my "vintage" prada.
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