Newbie with a question

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  1. First I just want to say hi to everyone. I've been lurking for quite some time now and everyone is always so nice and helpful.

    I'll be in staying in NYC tomorrow for the Thanksgiving Parade and I wanted to check out the store on Bleeker Street. I won't be buying anything, I just want to go just to go. Is it worth going just to check it out or should I not bother since I won't be getting anything. Thanks!
  2. Welcome!!! :tup: Make sure you post more often, we would love to see you around, it's a great palce! :yes: How fun to be in NYC and see the parade!!! I have not been to that boutique but if you can handle the restraint :graucho: then go! It's fun to go and see it all and I have heard that is a great boutique.. it's just your personality and if it will make you bitter or not.. lol
  3. Of course you should go look! I would love to visit that boutique if I got the opportunity even if I wasn't going to buy anything...and you might find yourself getting a little charm or something just to remind yourself of the special trip :smile:
    Go and tell those of us on the west coast how it was!!! :smile:
  4. I'm new to coach so as my obession grows,which it has been rapidly thanks to checking this forum all the time :o) you'll see me more often. My collection only consist of two bags, hopefully it'll grow to five after the holidays. Hopefully I'll get a few charms or scarves while I'm there. I just wanted to know if it was worth going even if I don't get anything. Sales people scare me sometimes, especially if I'm not getting anything thats the only reason I was a little iffy about not going. I'll be sure to let you all know how it is. Thanks again!
  5. I would go if you are going to be in NY anyways. It seems like a big deal!:yahoo:

    I dont like to be harassed either so I always say I'm just looking (that could be looking to see what I'm going to buy or just looking at the items).
  6. don't worry about sales people they don't get commission just ignore them....
  7. honestly, i have never been able to go in and just "look"

    i always want something so i just buy it, if i dont have the money, i dont go in.
  8. it will def be worth it. i would even if i wasnt planning on getting anything, however, you might after you see all of the gorgeous bags. lol
  9. Welcome to tPF! We've got some really amazing girls here who are very knowledgeable!
    I'd go and look either way, just to say I went to the store. And the SAs are proably used to people coming in to see the store itself, rather than to to buy.
    Have fun at the parade!
    Don't worry about the # of bags you have. The first time I was here (July) I had two bags too! Now have 3, thanks to the enablers here!
  10. You should definitely go just to look and touch, lol. Even if you don't buy anything. But if it were me I would at least want to buy a charm or something to remember it by. I would love to go to NY for shopping. Maybe when the kids are older.