Newbie with a question

  1. I hope that this is the correct spot to post a question. If not, please advise me. My question is this.......I purchased a new Kooba Devin bag in white. After only wearing it one time, dye from my clothing had already rubbed off on it! I am considering taking it to a local cobbler to have it re-dyed. Has anyone ever had their purses re-dyed? Any suggestions? Can the lighter colored purses be "scotch-guarded"? I actually ended up selling a brand new Gustto Big Baca bag in cream on eBay for fear that the same thing would happen to that bag. I am open to any suggestions. :crybaby:
  2. Hello! I'm by no means an expert but i have read a thread recently about using an eraser to get the dye off.
    It might be worth posting this in the kooba sub forum as paople with the same bag may have had similar experiences. I'll try to find that thread for you!
  3. Why don't you try posting your question in the Kooba forum. I am almost certain someone can help you there. You did say that you recently purchased your Devin. Can you take it back? I certainly would. Most everyone on the Kooba forum would agree that your leather should be treated....maybe not with scotchguard, but another type of leather protectant like Shining Monkey or a Wilson's Leather product.....good luck to you.
  4. Wow....this is the greatest site ever!! Thank you so much for all of your help!! One last thing, someone mentioned that I should have posted this in the "Kooba forum" would I go about doing that?
  5. I actually purchased this bag from Active Endeavors on 5/14/07 and the return policy states that they only accept returns within 30 days. But I'm wondering if this might be considered a "defect" of sorts if it should have been somehow treated? Any thoughts.
  6. Go out of handbags and purses back to the 'purse forum'. scroll down until you come to all the sub forums - there's one just for kooba!
  7. actually, she asked about handbags in general doing this so this Forum is fine:yes
    Specific questions about Kooba only should be posted in the Kooba Forum.
  8. dye transfer isn't really a defect of the bag.. it's moreso a defect of your jeans. It's a light color, eventually it will get dirty, you just have to clean it when you notice a stain so that the stain doesn't set.

    there are tons of brands of cleaners out there that you can purchase.
    apple cleaner for instance...