Newbie with a fairy tote

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  1. I usually hang out in Balenciaga or BV but was attracted here by the Fairy. I know some of you are really tired of hearing about it, but I thought I'd show off mine anyway. I've never owned a Prada beforeand I'm so impressed with the leather. The interior is like silk but better cause it's leather:smile:

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  2. Love it!!!!!!!! Such a pretty bag, hasn't gotten old for me looking at everyones fairy bag! Enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Its beautiful!
    Because of the different cuts of the different bags....the print on the tote is a little different than the bowler. On the bowler u don't see the flower face being under the girl on the left....just the!!!
  4. I agree with Tanyat, I love how the print looks so different on each of the styles due to the cut. I have the square/rectangular shape and I adore it, but your tote shows the most of the print for sure! Excellent choice, it is truly stunning. Enjoy her and thanks for sharing your pics!
  5. For me the fairy bag is the most beautyful Prada I've ever seen :love: Enjoy it :tup:
  6. Congrats! I love this style!
  7. gorgeous! i never noticed it does have more detail than the large square one (which i have) i too think its the most stunning Prada i have ever seen and maybe the most gorgeous bag have ever seen...
  8. Nice! Great pics -- thanks for sharing.
  9. I love looking at the Fairy bags..It doesn't get old for me!! Love how this looks on the tote...just gorgeous.. Thanx for posting pics!!
  10. I hear u!!!! I have a pretty extensive handbag collection and I think my fairy is probably my favorite!!!!!
  11. beautiful bag!
  12. Thanks ladies:smile: It never got old for me either. Every day I would come here and look at all the fairies lol. I finally broke and snapped one up. And now I really am broke!
  13. Lovely bag, I never get tired of looking at them either, Hee Hee!!! Enjoy!!
  14. Love it- the tote style is my fave! Congrats!
  15. Since you have the fairy bag I've got a question. I've seen conflicting pics, even on this site of that bag. Some have the gold metal Prada logo near the top on the side of the bag with just the one fairy and some of them don't have it at all. I would think the authentic one would only be one way or the other but I'm not sure. Also I've seen different hang tags. Do you have any pics of yours, or know which way is authentic? Thanks!