Newbie who just ordered :)

  1. hey everyone :p i am new here i just introduced myself in the "Newcomers Lounge" i just wanted to say how excited i am since i just ordered a Damier Canvas Speedy 25 from elux :yahoo:i have a question for those who live in an apartment with a clubhouse; when Fed Ex delivers and you are not there do they leave it at the clubhouse and have one of them sign or do I* need to sign it. i ask this because i have a lot of problems with my apartment complex clubhouse misplacing packages that my family sends me from back home and it has just been such a headache going back and forth and i personally do not trust them. sorry this is long ... well thanks you all bye :smile:
  2. Hi & welcome
  3. I am not sure how that works, but welcome to tPF and congrats on your purchase!

  4. Thanks LV Rawks :wlae:
  5. Welcome to TPF. You might want to let the front desk know you're expecting a package from FedEx in case you're not in.
  6. Thanks for the advice :yes: I should tell them they are just the most laziest apartment complex managers I have ever encountered. I was thinking of leaving a note on my door saying "if this is fed ex and i am here please DO NOT leave at clubhouse".
  7. Good luck!
  8. Good idea on posting a note on your door for the Fed Ex person to read and follow your directions. Can you track the package and see when the delivery time frame will be so you can definitely arrange to be home? Good luck!!

    Welcome to tPF and I hope you have many more LV deliveries!!:graucho:
  9. Congrats on the purchase!
  10. welcome tpf :smile:

    in my experience with fed ex, it doesn't matter who signs for the package as long as they have a signature for the package. i hope that helps. maybe you could tell the front desk your expecting something and keep checking back .. or you could arrange it so that you're there the day the package is supposed to be arrive..?

    hope that helps. and CONGRATS on your speedy!!!
  11. Yeah, I can track it :yes: I only work and have one class Monday & Wednesday and then the rest of my classes are online so hopefully I will be home.
  12. I hope you are home when the the Fed Ex delivery is made!!!! That would be a very exciting time for you for sure!!
  13. Welcome and congrats on your new LV! :yahoo:

    Is there anyway to instruct FedEx to only pass the package to you? Can't they specify a time frame e.g. am/pm when they will be delivering so you can be around?
  14. welcome to TPF and congrats to your LV purchase.:balloon:

  15. Thanks, I am like beyond excited. I was debating over which LV to buy the Mono Canvas or the Damier Canvas so how I choose was if i got an A on a test it was the Damer if i got a B it was the Mono .. kind of silly i know haha