Newbie.....Where to start?

  1. I love this forum and I love Tokido even more. I live in Philly and would like to some bags from an outlet. I love the Gioco and the Zucca in all the prints. This is my first Tokido so where do I start? I would have to make most of my purchases on the phone or via the internet. Where do I start?
  2. umm i would say start with the outlets .. i think that the Southampton outlet still has a good amount of camo black and camo olive stuff and they have inferno and paradiso too. I think that they have the zucca style in paradiso and fumo still? There is a thread about what is still available there. Talk to Lindsey, I hear she's really nice.

    You can also try ... they're really great but I'm not 100% sure what they have left. Talk to Casey, she's super helpful and nice ... Wendy is also super helpful and nice.

    Oh you can also call JapanLA and speak to Jamie. I've never ordered from there but I hear good things about her store.

    Good luck and welcome :smile:
  3. what bags are u looking for?! several sites online sell bags too
  4. I like the playground,foresta,citta rosa,tokido and the cammo prints. Pretty much all of them. I like to carry a nice size bag. Can you post the sites that have them online.
  5. Is there anyway to get them to send u a picture of the bag before you buy it at the Southampton outlet? I would be purchasing it via the phone...
  6. Am I missing something? What is a "tokido"???
  7. Jessaka!!!! LOL.. u funny. that made me laugh. I saw it too, but i ignored it, until i saw your post. lol

    Ohh welcome to the board jabberpoo. Don't mind us 'tokido' nerds LOL. (i'm still cracking up here)
  8. leen - :biggrin: My reaction was more like :shrugs: lolz. idk, i saw her do it in the first post and i ignored cuz i thought maybe it was a typo, but guess not? idk .....?

    And, mostly all the online shops are posted HERE but you gotta read the whole thread if you want to know all the stores. OH, and to the best of my knowledge, SH helps with print placement over the phone, but I don't think they send pics - Pulse does though...but I don't think they have those prints you want.
  9. Thanks for the info ....i do read the threads i did say i was a newbie lol.....
  10. ok, but i was just tellin you to read that you would know the online stores and stuff..cuz that thread has most of the sites on it.