NEWBIE, Whats the price and avail of a "Purse"?

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  1. I have 4 Chanel bags and may be ready for my first b-bag. I want a red color like Christina Augularia has called the purse. What's the price of that style and are they still available? Thanks in adavnce.
  2. I think you would have a really hard time finding it but it may not be impossible. I think it retails for around $1100 but I don't know the exact price. Have you check the list of retailers that sell B-bags?
  3. Actually, I am not sure if she has an 05 rouge or a rouge VIF (06). If it is the '05 one, the only place you will find one is probably on eBay or a consignment shop. But if it is the 06 one, you might find it in a store but I think it would be hard.
  4. I'll check it now. Thanks for the info.
  5. I'm pretty sure Christina's bag was 05 rouge, but you may like 06 rouge vif as well. I'm also fairly certain you will not find any red purses in stores any more. Your best bet is to watch eBay and post in authentication thread if you're not sure. There is a 05 bordeaux purse (darker, more wine colored than red) on ebay right now.
  6. I have the current PDF from Aloha Rag and the only colors they have the purse in is Marron, greige, & emerald green all "06" of course. the price is $1095 and they don't charge shipping.
  7. I've been trying to navigate the aloharag site and can't find the balenciagas at all. Could you send a link or tell me where to find them on the site? Thanks.:yes:
  8. I have the 06 rouge vif is gorgous and I love it. You may want to get one bigger than the first, the city maybe. i got mine at Nordstorm Arden Fair in Sacramento, CA. Give them a call to see if they have any rouge left...they had quite a few a couple of weeks ago. Good Luck!
  9. Kittenslingerie, if you PM me, I will send you the PDF file that they sent me last week. The date on it is a little old, but it should help.
  10. kittenslingerie: Aloha Rag does not post pics of their balenciaga bags - either email them (their email address is on their website) or call them - they will tell you what they have in stock and you can order over the phone and/or fax billing info.

    The purse style is one of my favorites - especially if you like to carry over the shoulder. Go for it! Good luck!