Newbie...what do you all think of the zucca de jour?


Bling and Beyond
Sep 23, 2007
My sister loves this bag and plans to get it soon but told her to wait until I did some research.
I am no expert with Fendi so I depend on the opinions of the wonderful fendi lovers here. I also find it chic and understated than the typical logo bag like LV but iffy about the fabric. Does fendi canvas wear well? Any opinions on its durability?The SA at the store said that the bag can be brought to a professional cleaner just in case of stains and all that. How is fendi fabric compared to the gucci ones? Suggestions needed please. ;)


Fendi Fan
Jul 15, 2006
Washington, DC
I have the small one and I love it!

I have a Fendi zucca that has lasted for 8 years, so I dont think you will have any problems.