Newbie wanting to say hello!

  1. Hello all!

    I'm Meg from Canada and just wanted to introduce myself!
    I'm a huge Louis fan (the horse I just bought is named Louis so I just knew he would work out:biggrin: ) and Chanel (the Paddy is my fav.) but can't say that Gucci doesn't turn my head!
    I currently own just one designer bag:sad: but I love it..the LV Speedy 30, my BF bought it for me for my birthday. However, I follow purse trends very closely and hope to make some friends here!
  2. HI there Meg and welcome! I already like you for sharing my girl's name. :amuse:

    Hope you will have a good time in our community :lol:
  3. Aw... thank you and hello back! I'm having a great time reading through the posts!
  4. Hi and welcome! :biggrin:
  5. Hello fellow Canadian ! :lol:

    Don't worry, we embrace all bag lovers and collections of all sizes, part of the excitment of bag collecting is watching the collection grow anyways, it's not all about what you have. :smile: