Newbie wanting to own a LV Speedy

  1. For the past 3+ years I have had an obsession with diaper bags and quality children clothing... then I happen upon this wonderful site and I am now seriously lusting after an LV.

    I have been lurking and discovering that I must own one of these delicious bags. I think I've settled on the Speedy 25 as my first :party: but I'm not sure where I should purchase. I bookmarked Let-Trade, I'm scared to buy anything on eBay because I have no idea what to look for as far as authentic and then I found eLuxury.

    Any recommendations on where to buy? I'm not opposed to a used Speedy 25 either.

    I live about 35 mins from Valley Fair where I think there is a LV store :yes:

    Anyway... thanks for letting me ramble!
  2. Welcome to the site! You can get some great deals on used LV on eBay if you are very careful and ask for help from the eBay purse board or from here before you bid!
    If you have the money (and want to spend it on a purse), the feeling of walking into a boutique and buying a purse would be fabulous too!
  3. Welcome to TPF!:flowers:

    Definitely if you have the money Valley Fair has some great selections.
  4. welcome! i :heart: the speedy too.
  5. I just purchased my first LV, a speedy, through eluxury. We have a boutique here but it would probably be a while until I got there, so ordering it from elux sounded much easier with my hectic shedule. My speedy should be arriving this morning!!! :yahoo:
  6. Go to the store if you are able to. That way you can look at it before you buy it.
    Great choice btw!
  7. Go to the boutique if you can! I was in utter amazement when I walked in one month ago to get my mono speedy 25! Soooo many beautiful things to look at and see up close instead of on a computer screen.
  8. I agree.....a trip to the boutique is a great experience. I got my speedy at the store and it was such fun. I love my speedy 25 by the way - great choice - you will LOVE it. I just ordered a new bag from eluxury - it's not the same as going to the store. I am excited to have it delivered to my house though and it's just not easy for me to go into the city to buy it in real life (I have 3 kids). Good luck with your decision!
  9. I definitely recommend a trip to the LV boutique even if it,s just to browse and try out the bags that you want. If you have kids (I saw you talking about diaper bags) you should think if you really want a handheld bag (since your hands are busy with the kids:p ) or a shoulder bag (Saleya Azur is also gorgeous)
  10. I also say GO INTO THE STORE!!! Even if you don't buy anything, go look around and make 100% sure that is "THE BAG" for you. I have gone in planning on buying one bag and came out with something completely different. Who knows you may find that the 25 is too small but love the 30 or that you like the Damier better. Once you find "THE BAG" then I would start looking around to see if you can get a better deal on it.

    Good Luck!!!
  11. I have bought two speedies over the years from an E-Bay seller by the name of authentic_lvlady and I have been thrilled with them. Just ask her about smells (she takes bags on consignment on some of them sometime have a mothball smell (which doesn't bother some people and can be aired but for others it's a big problem). Anyway - if you ask her beforehand, she will be sure to get a nice one. Her name is Eva - she is just wonderful - I've bought four bags from her now and I think she's just great. She is in Hong Kong - but ships very fast. She usually has at least one speedy - You might pay a little more than another e-bay seller, but her bags are authentic and her pictures are very representative of what you will get. I always check her auctions.

    Good luck - I have have a speedy 25 and a 30, and I just love them!
  12. Thanks for all the great suggestions :dothewave:

    I just got back from my DDs gymnastics class and there was another Mom there with a what I think was a Mono Speedy 25 or maybe 30. I couldn't take my eyes off of it :rolleyes: and of course it only made me want one more :yes:

    My birthday is next month, so I think I'm going to ask for contributions from family members for the LV fund :yahoo: