newbie...want to buy my first paddy, what color would you choose?

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  1. I love the paddy in blanc or sand, but I don't know which one to get. Which one would you choose and why? Also, would sand or Blanc be a better year-round color?
  2. I would go for sand (even though blanc is gorgeous) 'cause it is more of a year-round shade :smile:
  3. kap is right that sand might be more of a year round color, but I would choose blanc because it is sooooooooo beautiful. I would definitely carry it in the spring and summer, and in the winter I would pair it with chocolate browns, navy blues, etc. and then it would really pop!
  4. Blanc, I think it could fit with all seasons if (as rinstar311 says) you wear it right. I personally consider the blanc a very beautiful colour.
    Ultimately though its up to you and chances are deep down you probably already prefer one of the colours. Imagine you given a box with a paddy inside, when you open the box...what colour do you see??:smile:
  5. I see a blanc paddy. I guess that solves the question.

    My only prob. is that LVR is the only sight that has it at the moment. It says its for spring/summer so, if I wait a few weeks Net- A- Porter might have it?
    I don't know why, but even though LVR doesn't sell fakes, I don't feel comfortable ordering from them. Should I just order it from LVR anyways?
  6. I personally haven't bought from them, but what I've read has been really positive about LVR. I don't think it's very likely NAP will get Blanc in if they don't already. But I may be wrong, what does everyone else think?

    (Glad you've figured out the answer to your first question!)
  7. Hi,

    I would personally go for Sand as it is not as flashy as Blanc. About LVR, I have just bought from them an Tan paddy but I still haven't received it yet. I was told that it might take up to 5 days for them to process my order as I am a first-time buyer. I am quite confident though that they carry authentic Chloe.