Newbie w/ Edith Question!

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  1. hey girls! this is my first time posting but i've been an avid chloe fan for years..

    i just had to know if anybody has the Edith Double-Pocket Satchel. or if anybody has seen it/tried it on, how does it look? i am in desperate need of a cute leather messenger for school (i'm a bit tired of totes). please let me know what you all think about this because there aren't any stores that carry chloe around me and i'd have to order online..


    (picture from Neiman Marcus)

    p.s. if anybody has any other recommendations for a classic (but not plain!!) leather messenger for school, please let me know!

    thanks guys!
  2. I love that color and think the style is unique and functional for school. I had some problems with the loops on my Edith pockets coming off so this is something to consider if you think you will use the pockets a lot.

    What about a large Betty? I have one and love how the pockets let me organize my stuff.
  3. i love the look of this bag and have considered it myself since most of the other ediths are handheld only which doesn't work for me...but i have to warn you the buckles on the flap need to be done and undone to open the top or left open for easy access (if that makes any sense?)...if you decide that might not work for you mulberry makes great messenger styles that you might want to check out!
  4. I haven't seen this bag in person. Only in Nordies magazine. It looks huge, yet beautiful in the magazine. I hope my Nordies gets one in soon.
  5. I have seen this bag in person and it is absolutely adorable. BUT (big BUT for me) the loops for the pockets are not easily manipulated (in other words, a royal pain in the behind to open and close). If you're going to keep the thing open the entire time, then go for it, but otherwise, I would pass. The color is absolutely fantastic for this bag in this model.
  6. I agree with the others on the open/closing of this bag. But it's gorgeous!! The color is so amazing and drew me in immediately. I played with the bag and thought it looked absolutely lovely without the strap as well. If you can live with the open/closing issues, you will not be disappointed with your order. Looks more lovely in person IMHO. :yes:
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