Newbie to TPF--need help with choosing bag.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to TPF and I need some advice. What would you recommend for me. I'm used to the durability of LV but really want to switch to Hermes. Are there any types of bags that are as durable and that I can have for a long time?

  2. Welcome!

    I have never had an LV, so I can't make a comparison reg durability. Some H leathers are more durable than others, I would suggest Togo as a very durable leather. You can get most H bags in this leather.

    What kind of bag are you looking for, what are your requirements? Do you prefer handhelds, shoulder, messengers? Do you prefer open totes, zip tops?
  3. Thank you for replying so fast.

    I just looked up H Togo, it looks really good. Do you know if that style comes with a zipper? I feel secure knowing that I can zip the bag. But, I do like the flap very much.

    I like something that can go from handheld to shoulder. Do most of the handhelds come with shoulder straps?

    Do you know the name of the soft leather H style?
  4. what about the victoria. I am totally loving that bag lately!
  5. Thank you for the links to the pics.

    The Bolide is adorable!

    I looked at the Kelly too. It looks classier than the Bolide. Is the Bolide considered a casual bag?

    I just found a section on here where people just post pics of various items. I think that'll help with figuring out the styles and options.
  6. Rose is so wonderful and quite right with all of her suggestions. Togo sounds best for leather, Clemence maybe. I think the Bolide and Victoria would be the 2 best style to chk. out in the reference section. You could also look at the Massai, although it is a bit more of a shoulder bag, but could be handheld, although it would hang low to the ground. The reference section is just wonderful when browsing for options.
  7. Mrs Rose has said it all. Togo is the best everyday leather.
  8. The Bolide is an INCREDIBLE style. In terms of whether it is considered to be casual, it can depend on the style of the Bolide and the leather in which it is made. If it is made in a soft (togo/clemence) leather, it has a more casual, slouchy appearance -- called 'mou' in certain circumstances (I could get technical but I am shorthanding it). Whereas in a stiffer leather (chevre) , it takes on a lightly more dressier feel.

  9. Yes I agree with all above, the bolide is a very pretty bag and can be dressed up and down and has all the things you want. The Kelly is gorgeous & timeless, but no zipper and you have to get used to open and close it.
  10. Welcome to the H forum :flowers:

    ((Rose)) you are the best! :yes:
  11. Welcome to the forum. :heart:Have you considered the Lindy? It's rather slouchy yet looks great over the shoulder.