Newbie to TPF-I have My pictures up!!

  1. Hello! I have since yesterday posted a couple of threads, but here is one since a couple of people were curious about my Coach items and I am HAPPY and excited some of you would like to see what I have. I love my collection! There may be a few items I didn't get in the picture because I forgot after I took them, but all in all, you have a general idea of what I own :smile: This picture was taken after having sold about 100 Coach items on eBay over the past 6 months or so :sad:

    These are my clutches, make-up cases, wallets, card cases, coin holders, sunglass cases, a scarf and some keychains :smile:

    These are MOST of my handbags..again, I forgot to put a few in there...dang it..
    1 Patchwork Ergo Handbag 10809
    1 Patchwork E/W Demi 10001
    1 Chelsea Optic Khaki Hobo
    1 Chelsea Optic Black Signature Top Handle Pouch
    1 Bandana Top Handle Pouch
    3 Signature Satchels (one color each in melon, black and khaki)
    2 Signature Cinch Tote (one color each in melon and khaki)
    1 Signature LARGE soft duffle in Khaki
    1 Signature Medium soft duffle in black
    1 Signature Soft Clip Hobo in Khaki
    1 Mini Signature Ergo in Red/White
    1 Mini Signature Hobo in Cardinal Red
    1 Signature Legacy Pocket Handbag in Black
    1 Signature Camera Bag in Black
    1 Signature Swing pack in Khaki
    1 Signature Demi Sling Bag in Black
    2 Signature Pocket Gallery Totes (bottom left) One in Black and one in Khaki-(Not pictured)
    1 Mini Signature Ergo EXTRA large in Red/White (not pictured)
    1 Signature Black Ergo EXTRA large 10765 (not pictured)
    1 Signature Black DUFFLE travel bag (not pictured)

    And I think that is it...What do you think?? I think I need to own a NICE leather Coach..any suggestions??:nuts::nuts:
  2. Nice, I see you like signature print. Nice Collection. I suggest a Legacy Shoulder bag all leather.....or a Madeline.
  3. Wow! You have an amazing collection! Congrats!!
  4. Holy Moly!! What a great collection!! You have some beautiful items...!!

    Don't you just love the black sig optic design? I love the sheen to it. It's my favorite signature style. Welcome and thanks for the eye candy!!:tup:
  5. Yeah, I think I started with the Signature Print, and then I did buy a few Leather Totes, but then I had no accessories to really go with it, so I sold them...But I do like the leather, so nice and supple, I think I may trade some of mine for some leather...So much classier I think :smile:
  6. Yes I do!! As you can see, I own a couple of clutches, wristlets and a cute little lipstick holder in the Signature Optic. I had a few handbags, but they tend to "sag" and not close right after use..I like my bags to stay upright and stiff...I need to find a Black Optic Signature that stays upright and is more of a Tote or Satchel..
  7. Thank you! I am glad you gals can appreciate it! Are you excited for your 21st birthday??
  8. Wow!!! you have a great collection!! You SOLD 100 coach items on eBay and you still have this much :nuts:
  9. wow great collection! I love the variety.

    I can't imagine what your collection was like before you sold 100 things on eBay!

    Welcome to tpf!
  10. yes, I had quite the handful :smile: However, I got married in September, so I spent the majority of my summer of 2007 selling items to help pay for some of our wedding expenses...I was sacrificing my love of Coach, for the love of my now wonderful husband... :heart: There are a few things that I regretted selling, such as a couple of leather totes and some exclusive limited handbags, but all in all, we had a great wedding and wonderful honeymoon, so it was worth it!!
  11. Great collection. I don't think I could ever part with any of my coach.
  12. I never thought I could part either, but when I got to the point where I was buying it and then it was sitting in my closet and never used, I figured I wouldn't miss it anyway since I never got around to using it. I sold so many items that still had TAGS on it! Some lucky people got some great deals too...Some things, I got a lot more for just because you couldn't find it brand new anymore so I think I broke even in the end...
  13. Love your collection!!!! It's admirable :biggrin:
  14. WOW,
    can I ask what is the first back second row... thanks
  15. Christ what a collection!!! O_O I am so jealous!!!