Newbie to Tory-Question on Thea Slouchy Tote

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  1. I am really liking the Thea Slouchy Tote but how slouchy is she? Does she puddle when you set her down?

  2. I don't have that bag but if it's a pebbled leather in general yes they puddle when they are set down.
  3. I just bought a marion Marion Quilted Chain Shoulder Slouchy Tote on ebay. It is so soft and light that I am worried about its authenticity...
    Are the slouch tote supposed to be soft and light?

  4. There are a lot of fakes on eBay, it's risky to buy on there now. You can read through our Board on authenticating , lots of info regarding fakes. You don't have enough posts to put photos up of your bag yet.

  5. Thanks! I know.
    I am new to the forum and working on the 25 posts.
    Btw, I bought it from a seller called itsinaclutch. She seems to have good review. But I am still suspicious. It's a bag without tag.

  6. Hi I just saw the post called report it. The sellers there all have good feedback. It makes me nervous about the bag I just bought. Need to have someone look at it asap.

  7. Found this listed you could try them to authenticate.

  8. Thanks. I have decided to return the Tory burch bag. The zip kind of feels suspicious. Decide to buy from a store instead when it's on sale. Probably will not choose the quilted style.

  9. Good for's always good to go off your gut feeling. You can always shop at the outlets too. We post sales at the boutiques as soon as we get the word here, keep watching.

  10. Thanks. None of the outlets is close to me unfortunately. Envy people in New York~
    Thinking of getting a small York tote now. French grey looks nice.

  11. 20% off code floating around at Saks right now, plus a massive 15% kickback at ******.
  12. For some reason they won't let that rebate name be put up here?

  13. Thanks! Can you send me a message? Or to my email address

  14. Yes, I will.
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