Newbie to the slippery orange slope - thanks for being welcoming!

Feb 15, 2009
Hi everyone! I just wanted to say thank you to all the Hermes TPFers who have been so helpful and welcoming in various threads (Ode to Evelyn, Hermes Shopping, Twilly thread, Bastia+Calvi, etc).

I have been lucky to have previously inherited a GP and an Evie GM but this year is my first time to visit and purchase from a boutique and establish a form of relationship with an SA. I’ve posted my Etoupe Evie 29 in another thread, and appreciate how everyone has been so kind and welcoming.Thank you!:heart:

I can now really relate to 1) raving about the types and quality of leather as well as vibrancy of colour that is unique to Hermes, and 2) being in this orange slippery slope - since getting the Evie, I have acquired Calvis, Bastias, and Twillys. I had the chance to see the Lindy and Kelly up close in the store and I just fell in love.:love:

I am a fan of dome-shaped bags (had an LV Alma obsession for a time) and I am looking forward to the day when I’ve saved enough for a Bolide of my own.

Thank you again, Hermes TPFers, and hope you all have a happy holiday season (in spite of Covid)! :smile:


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Jun 19, 2020
I’m a newbie too! Made a first trip to Hermès last month to buy a scarf for myself as a 50th birthday present. Saw a Picotin 18 while I was there....and that was it. I found a pre-loved orange one and a pre-loved vintage scarf since. Once you go orange.....

Here is my Pico, with the (non-H) scarf I am going to use to make a drawstring bag for inside and a pair of twillies. Have a list of scarves that will one day be mine...I plan to make a yearly birthday trip every year for a new scarf. Good thing I don’t care for Kellys and Birkins! :lol: