Newbie to the forum, Hi!


Jan 25, 2006
Hello everyone,

I just came across this board and I couldn't believe that it existed! I am simply delighted seeing that I am quite the designer handbag fanatic! I am a fan the designer labels in general. Among other things, I collect Tiffany and co. jewelry and nice watches. But nothing makes my heart beat faster than a beautiful handbag! It's so nice to find a place where people understand you and won't call you "materialistic" and "shallow". I will look at the handbag pics you all have posted, I have a lot to catch up on! Your collections are beautiful from what I've already seen!
This is awsome!!
I am brand new also, just joined yesterday. I thought I was the only one in the world with a purse fetish. We'll have to keep each other posted on all of our new bag ventures.
Welcome Ladies. This place is cool but as others have said it's dangerous. I joined in Nov and have spent hundreds of dollars, pounds...on some lovely new bags. :shame: :amuse: Plus, the site addictive when you're not at the site you feel that you're missing something. I love it!:love: