Newbie to the Fendi Club!

  1. It doesn't have the fabulous leather of the Spy, so I feel like I'm not really in the club yet. I also want a Zucca B Shoulder Bag and a Spy (either Wysteria, Hobo or the new dark denim "Medallion" one, I'm thinking).

    I know it's not IT or all too popular, but it's the Fendi I've liked for the longest. I love the unique shape, like an inverted chef's hat.

    This turned out to be the perfect size - I was worrying it'd be too large.

    I got it on eBay and there was a condition issue - the zipped pocket had big holes. Last night I sewed them up!

    Here she is:


    My next Fendi purchase would be the B. Does anyone have this:
    Fendi -  Zucca-Print Shoulder Bag -  Neiman Marcus
    How is the size? How is the leather?
    fendi-zucca-chef.jpg fendi-zucca-chef-side.jpg fendi-zucca-chef-bottom.jpg
  2. Lovely bag Congrats.
  3. This style is one of the few that I like with the monogram. Congrats!!! Enjoy your bag when she comes in!
  4. No, that's her! I have her!

    I just discovered the brown leather Chef on, and now I want that! :s
  5. Lovely
  6. Beautiful!!! Congrat's!
  7. The first time I saw this bag, I thought it looked adorable.
  8. I Love your bag! The signature Fendi zucca is the one label-y print that I never get sick of seein'! Congrats!
  9. Congratulations.
  10. Cute bag!
    Welcome, and watch out for the Spy Addiction, it sneaks up on you!
  11. Oh I can't afford a Spy ADDICTION. I can barely hope for my first!
  12. I love that bag! Great choice.

  13. Congrats- very cute bag!
  14. That is beautiful
  15. soo sweet. congrats!!!