Newbie to the Chanel Forum - Pics of my bags

  1. Hello everyone, I have been admiring everyone's beautiful Chanel bags and so I figured that I would post mine as well. I don't have a large Chanel collection, but lately I am really loving Chanel bags and would love to add to my collection. I recently saw a Chanel bag on Entourage that I fell in love with - sorry I am not a die hard fan so I don't know the names. If anyone knows the bag I am referring to, please share. It was the bag that Vince's new agent, Amanda was carrying as she was talking to E on her cell phone, I think it is part of the reissue line. I loved it. Enjoy the pics.
    Pic1 Resized 1080.jpg Pic 2 Closeup.jpg
  2. WELCOME to the Chanel forum!

    Nice collection! Love your Pucci pillows too! If you don't mind me asking, where did you get them?
  3. Thanks for the welcome Sammie! I got the Pucci pillows from the Pucci boutique on 64th Street in NYC. They are from 3 years ago, but I think that there are different prints for the pillows each season. Last year, I bought a different print for my livingroom set. It's nice that they are so eye-catching. They really add life to the room, especially considering that my furniture is all neautral colors.
  4. Welcome ... I love your collection!
    This place is totally addictive ... LOL
  5. Luv - I totally agree with you, it is so addicting. I have spent way too much time at work admiring everyone's bags on this site. Especially the celebrity section - so much fun! I wonder how many other people like me spend hours being unproductive at work because they are on tpf!
  6. Wow!! Great collection!! Your bags are gorgeous!! I love the black one w/ all the Chanel charms hanging on it.....what a beauty!!!
  7. Welcome to the Chanel Forum!!! :biggrin:
  8. fabulous collection!:nuts:

    what is that small navy bag? hope you wont mind, what collection is that?

  9. You have a gorgeous collection!
  10. welcome!!! Great collection, I am pretty sure you are correct, Amanda was wearing a reissue I think it was largest size, but I am not certain!
  11. emmy - thank you. I love that piece too, it's so much fun.
    swanky - thank you! My love for chanel is growing since I've been viewing this forum.

    bagdizzy - that small navy bag is python. It's funny how it's the smallest Chanel bag that I own, but yet it was the most expensive. I purchased it about 3 years ago. I recently saw a very similar one in red python, it was fabulous.

    mac - thank you!
  12. Baglover - do you happen to know if the reissue is still available or was that a limited edition? BTW, I live on LI too!
  13. Welcome! love your bags!
  14. Thanks for posting your collection. Welcome!
  15. Welcome to the forum!