Newbie to RM here.. suggestions for a first bag?

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  1. Hey everyone... I'm new to the RM forum.. usually I spend a lot of my time in the COACH forum because I'm obsessive over COACH, BUT I'm trying to convert and expand my collection w/other designers.... I've seen a few of the RM bags online and am loving how they look... although I'm not sure what kind of bag is a great everyday bag for me? I really am in love with the Nikki bag in the Wine color... is this a hard bag to find?
  2. see the label360 thread on the wine nikki's.
  3. hey coachgirl12! there are a few of us "coachies" here! welcome, you'll love it here too.
    i am searching and *saving* for my 1st RM as well. i think i may hold out for a mini nikki. someone said they will be coming out for the fall, so july-ish.
    the wine is a beautiful color!
  4. hey nolarice! i knew your name looked familiar! ;) whats the comparison between a large nikki and the mini nikki? size wise?
  5. ok sorry redskater, guess i'm having an issue finding the label360 thread... where would that be located if you don't mind me asking?:confused1:
  6. I would suggest a Morning After bag, Matinee or Nikki... I think those are RM's best bag and classic as well! Good luck.
  7. the regular imo is gigantic! i'm 5'2 and thin~ish! i think it's about 17 across the bottom by about 14 or 15 high. the mini is about 14 across the bottom by about 10 ~~~i think! someone once compared it to the carly's, but i think the RM mini nikki is bigger than the medium carly. has some modelling pics of the regular nikki~~

    badgemon~~ i'm south of boston too!!
  8. O really nolarice? WOW, that would be a HUGE bag then... well the bags that all the celebrities are carrying, like Lauren Conrad, Vanessa Minillo, etc, are those the mini nikkis or are those the regular?
  9. i'm pretty sure they are the regular. i love how they look on them (LC esp!!)but i could probably fit in one!!
  10. LOL... i'm 5'4" and an average sized/athletic gal, so i'm sure the regular would do just fine!
  11. Welcome to the RM forum!!! I have a regular sized MAB (it was my first and only RM bag, but hopefully not my last!!!). I am 5'4 and average sized, and it is fine for me. I love the look over oversized bags though. I know that Lindsay Lohan had the regular sized, and Hayden Panetierre has been seen wearing the regular and the mini.
  12. yay! i hope you get one!
  13. Thanks MJDaisy-Yeah I love the look of RM bags, just waiting to purchase my first one! Hopefully I can get a Nikki in Wine!

    Nolarice-I hope I get one too! :smile:
  14. I am hoping to snag a Nikki when the sample sale comes around!!!