Newbie to MJ...looking for advice please

  1. Hi everyone, I'm a newbie to Marc Jacobs. :smile:
    I have long been an admirer of MJ bags and am thinking of purchasing one. :girlsigh:
    I like the Stam but I don't know what to choose...the Elastic Quilted One in Plum or the Patchwork in Black? :confused1: Any suggestions? What do you all think would be a good first Marc Jacobs bag for me?

    Thanks so much for your help!:flowers:
  2. hi!! and welcome!

    plum is a gorgeous color- but patchwork is really cool too.

    i dont know which i would choose- good luck and let us know what you decide!
  3. Oh, decisions! They are both gorgeous, so you can't go wrong...
    I would go with the plum (I might be biased as I just ordered one today :whistle: ) as I see you have a black quilted Chloé Bay, but if you love the patchwork more than the quilt, go with that!

    Check out - they have both bags on sale half off!
  4. Hi and welcome!

    I'm not as much of a Stam expert as some of the other girls here, but my advice is to make sure you see both in person. The leather is very different on both bags. Depending on your preference for the look and feel of the leather on your handbags, your choice may vary. Try to take a look at Nordies or something before buying! I personally prefer the regular quilted to the patchwork but the patchwork looks great on some people!
  5. Thanks for all your suggestions! :flowers: Well, I have decided to buy the Elastic Quilted one in Plum! :yahoo: