Newbie to Michael Kors

  1. I was at Woodbury Commons outlet yesterday and decided to purchase a Michael Kors bag from the store there, it's my first one! I'm a Coach girl but decided to add a Michael Kors handbag to my collection. I've been reading alot of posts on this forum and I had a question about the one I purchased. The tag reads LG NS TOTE MK SIG PVC Ring Tote Brown, can you tell me what line this is or if it has a specific name? It does have a tag inside that says, Made in Vietnam AV-1203....does that mean anything? Also are the handles real leather? I'm guessing that the entire bag is PVC, which is not a leather like the canvas LV speedy's? The lining is linen, with the Michael Kors written out, so I'm guessing it's a made for factory bag like the Coach makes bags specifically for the outlet. Sorry I have so many questions :smile:, just trying to get to know a little more about my new bag. Thanks for any info you can give me.
  2. Can you post a picture? I'm pretty sure the handles are leather.
  3. Pictures would help!
  4. Sorry ladies, I forgot to add the picture LOL
  5. I believe the handles and tassel are leather. I saw this bag in my local outlet last week and it is very nice!
  6. I believe the bag is PVC and the handles are leather. I am not sure if this was sold at the outlet or FP store. It is a GREAT BAG! I am sure you will enjoy it!
  7. Thank You ladies!! It may start a Michael Kors obsession LOL but I have alot to learn about them :smile:
  8. Is there a specific name for it?? I'm just curious.... also, how do the outlet bags holdup verse the boutique bags? The quality of Coach's outlets bags (( leather mostly )) is not that great :sad:
  9. It's a "ring tote". MK doesn't name all his lines in a way that's easily recognizable across the board like Coach does.

    As well the MK factory bags are close to his FP bags. There may be subtle differences but they aren't huge and they hold up very well.

  10. Thanks Crissy11!! I wasn't sure if all the Michael Kors bags had names, I'm learning all about them from you gals! which is sooo helpful :biggrin: Can't wait to use her!
  11. Lovely bag, I love the signature collection
  12. This is called the Michael Kors Signature Ring Tote. That is what you would google to see more like them. The tag with the numbers and letters is the date code tag. It is a very important tag and needs to be there to be authentic. Yes, Vietnam is indeed an MK manufacturer and from the date code, it appears your bag was produced in March (03) of 2012. Yes, that lining is usually from the outlet stores, but MK outlets can be just as spendy as the boutiques and the bags are all very good quality with only minor differences. And yes, it is a PVC material with leather trim. And Welcome to your new addiction! lol!
  13. Like the ladies have said, the handles & tassel are leather with the bag PVC. Sometimes, the MK outlet will receive bags that usually go to the retail stores. I've seen the Saffiano Hamilton's with the lock in the Outlet stores & the lock style is what is sold in the MK stores & higher end retail stores. I've even seen the retail Selma's & Sutton's in the Outlet close to my house from time to time. They weren't marked down either.
  14. hi i just want help regarding what van be done or any suggestion or glue onnhow to repair this mk selma large black handle? tnx
  15. Take it to a cobbler who works on shoes & they can help you. If you bought it from MK directly, & it's been less than a year, it should be covered under MK warranty.