Newbie to Marc Jacobs & Pretty Disappointed....

  1. Just received the Black Marc Jacobs Christy bag from Nordstroms today, from the Anniversary Sale. Let me number my disappointments....

    1. Came in an extremely small box, and almost cut the dust bag.
    2. The tags were cut off, and were crunched in the inside pocket.
    3. The Marc Jacobs paper white pocket with care, etc. was empty. Just the paper shell.
    4. They didn't include the receipt.
    5. They forget to take off the rather large security tag that beeps when you go in or out of the Nordstrom's door.
    6. Style was nice, but leather was very stiff and non-pliant. Very disappointed in this. First Marc Jacobs bag, and I thought the quality would be alot nice than this. For a bag that costs $995 retail, it was one notch below a Coach, and pretty heavy as well.
    7. Called my contact at Nordstroms, as I don't know what I want to do. They are looking for another bag for me, as I will not accept this one the way it is. They WILL NOT give any further reductions on price because of the issues, as Nordstrom's never compensates, under any circumstance, except for maybe free shipping.

    I have to say that this is the 2nd time within a 6 month period that I ordered something from Nordstroms, and was extremely disappointed in the way they sent it, and the customer service. I have been shopping there for years, and apparently, the whole "great customer service" thing has been sorrowfully neglected.....
  2. Sorry to hear about your new MJ bag. I hope they'll be able to find you a better one. Hope this doesn't deter you from purchasing any other MJ bags though.
  3. I would ask the CS to give you the 33% off another bag to compensate for this. Another member here was able to get that discount on any bag of her choice.

    Sorry about your dislike of the leather; not all MJ bags come with soft leather but overall, MJs are very durable and have wonderful suede lining. Personally, I like the way Christy looks, but I wouldn't buy it because of the magnetic opening.

    Good luck to you, I hope you can get this problem resolved!
  4. Thank you for your kind words. Since most of you are Marc Jacobs afficiandos, is the leather always so tough, stiff & non compliant? Are the bags usually heavy? It is very much like Coach, and I don't buy Coach for that reason. I am wondering if I just purchased the "wrong style".
  5. I think that most of the Collection bags are pretty heavy and the leather is not super soft like other designers. I had a Marc by Marc Jacobs Turnlock Tina and that leather was MUCH lighter and softer than the Collection bags (go figure). The M by MJ line has some really great bags if you are looking for softer leather! :yes:
  6. Some styles have soft leather. Overall, I've heard that over the years, MJ had been using stiffer leather on his bags. The older classic calf bags had extremely soft leather(before 05 I think?) but the new seasons have stiffer leather. I have a MP from fall 06 that has broken in beautifully, the leather is now really soft. I purchased a sweet punk bag and mixed chain bag and the leather on both of those styles are extremely soft. It really depends on the style. I like the stiffer leather on some bags, it helps the bags retain their shape better(like the blake, venetia, and clutch).

    If you are looking for soft leather, there are other brands out there that will fit the bill. Right now, I love Bulga bags because the leather is buttery soft.
  7. Thanks guys. I have numerous Gustto bags and think I will stick to them for a while. I might keep the Christy because it would be nice to have one bag that does retain it's shape, as stated above.

  8. I'm just so disappointed to hear about all of the issues with Nordstrom. You're the 2nd person who received a bag that had the security tag still attached. That would p*ss me off so bad!!:cursing:

    I remember they screwed up my phone order pretty bad a month ago but not nearly as bad as they did you. I'm sorry and I hope they compensate you in some way. I like the idea of requesting a discount on another designer bag of your choice. Good luck with everything. Let us know what happens.
  9. All of my older Mj bags, the leather is like butter. I really think it just takes some wearing in.
  10. Sounds like Nordies has some issues recently. I personally love the Christy and plan to buy one this fall, but I do know what you mean about some of the leather being stiff - my MJ zip tote has stiff leather, but it does get pliable over time.