Newbie to Marc Jacobs...looking for advice

  1. Hi everyone, I'm a newbie to Marc Jacobs…I can usually be found in the Coach forum. I have long been an admirer of MJ bags and am thinking of purchasing one in the next couple of months. I'm starting to do some searching for which bag I might like to get and so far I like the Venetia (quilted version), Blake and all of the Stams!!

    What do you all think would be a good first Marc Jacobs bag for me? I definitely prefer larger bags over smaller bags...

    I really love the Stam Quilted Satchel in Truffle, I found it at Saks.

    They also have it in black, which is nice, but I think I like the Truffle better…Also, how safe is it to purchase these on eBay? I have purchased several Coach bags on eBay, but I'm very very familiar with that brand, so I can spot a fake in an instant…Are the Marc Jacobs bags faked a lot?

    Thanks so much for your help!
  2. MJ is definitely faked A LOT. I would post anything you're contemplating on Ebay in the authenticate this thread here 1st. I was just browsing & there's fakes everywhere, and I'm not an expert.

    As far as the bags - I think it depends if you prefer shoulder or hand held. The Venetia straps aren't really big enough for over the shoulder.... I like the Stam & the Blake, but double rolled straps like on the Blake don't stay on my shoulder. I have a smaller version of the stam (more like a clutch size) and just ordered the little stam. I really like the easy in & out of it with the kisslock closure. I love the color of the one you posted too!
    If possible, I would go to a store & try them all out to see which one carries better on you.
  3. Depending on your size the venetia can be used as a shoulder bag! It is devine, lovely and plenty big. I have a silver one with lucious brown suede lining. It came from ebay, brand new ,:heart::tup::nuts::yahoo:tags attached! Of course I had it authenticated here first before I bid!! I loved Coach for many years but once you have gone Marc there is NO turning back, He is the greatest!!!
  4. ^^^ yes it can fit on your shoulder - I'm a pretty small gal @ 120 pds but with a heavy winter coat on I just can't do bags with short straps. If you're lucky & in a warm weather climate it could definitely work year round! I still recommend trying them all in person then you can decide which one you absolutely LOVE and then search ebay & sales for it.

    I agree MJ is addictive!!! Once you get this one another is sure to follow, and then maybe another, and another...... till you're on a purse ban like me.
  5. That truffle stam is GORGEOUS. I just placed my order for my first MJ (a Blake in the bordeaux color). I guess it really just depends on your fashion style and whether you want it to fit over your should or have it just be a satchel. But I think you are on the right track - Venetia, Blake, and Stam. You can't go wrong.

    But yeah, there are a LOT of fake MJ's out there on ebay. Be careful and authenticate here first!
  6. Thanks so much for all of your advice!

    I definately tend to sway more towards satchel styles versus shoulder bags..the Stam seems like the best of both worlds!!

    I live in Maine and unfortunately, Macy's is the ONLY department store near me, and they don't carry MJ, so I'm not able to try any on before buying (unless I make a quick trip to Boston).

    The more I look at the Truffle Stam, the more I realize, I MUST have it!!! :nuts:
  7. I LOVE the truffle stam also, the stitching on it is really pretty!
    I also love love love the Blake (I was about to get one until I realized that, as a student, I was better off buying a massive tote bag so I could carry my stuff to school), it's really functional and cute. My only peeve with the Blake (and this might just be me & my love of HUGE bags) is that it looks so much smaller IRL than in pictures, and it is darn heavy.
  8. That truffle stam is TDF! All of the bags you are considering are gorgeous. It is really up to you if you like the soft calf line, quilted w/chains, etc. What is going to fit your daily lifestyle? If you dress up a lot a stam is a great choice and I personally think it can be worn dressy or casual. The soft calf line tends to be more casual IMO. Good luck making your choice!
  9. I love the truffle Stam with that contrast stitching (Is it red stitching?). It is gorgeous!!! I vote for that one!!!
    I bought a Blake on eBay (had it authenticated here on the forum; love the style, but when I got it, I decided it was just not for me. I had the same trouble with the handles (one falling off the shoulder), and I also found the bag to be really heavy (It has three separate compartments all lined with suede, so it is heavy). But it is definitely one of the most popular MJ styles here on the MJ forum, so I am the minority.
    Too bad you can't try them before buying. I think you will love the Stam. It is such a gorgeous and impressive looking bag IRL!! And that color is awesome!
    Good luck!
  10. I have been dying to see this color IRL. If you do get it, will you post pictures for us to see?!?!?! :coolpics:
  11. You all have been so helpful! Thank you! I definately won't be getting this before Christmas, but I will be sure to post pics when I do. I'm trying to decide if I can bear to part with any of my Coach bags to fund some of this...but not sure if I can so it might take me a bit to save up...
  12. i have 11 mj bags so far, i will be selling some, but i will def sell almost all of my 15 coach bags, coach is nice but doesn't compare to mj, fendi or lv. once you go mj you become a fiend and i just bought my first mj stam, elastic in plum it's gorgeous. i got it on ebay and i am looking for a blue, topaz or green stam next. i'm eyeing a stam in mouse already.
  13. LOVE that Truffle color!! I hope you end up getting it soon! :yes: