Newbie to LV

  1. I am REALLY new to the whole LV forum here. I am usually a Coach girl and love love love my Coach, but I am thinking I would like to branch out to something a bit more. I love how classy LV looks and timeless. I know absolutely NOTHING about Louis Vuitton so can some of you guys give me some info about them? What to look for? What is considered the best and what is the worst?

    If you guys could recommend a great starter bag for me, that would be wonderful. I am usually a BIG purse lover since I seem to always overpack, but I do not have a ton of money to spend on one, so even if it is a small one, that is okay. Just something to get me started and see if I can find the love for Louis. I also do not mind used ones as long as they are in great shape, so maybe there is aplace that sells used ones? eBay scares me a bit since I just got burned from a seller on a Coach bag and would love to avoid it if I could. Thanks for all your help! I have a feeling I might be spending quite a bit of time in this forum!!:graucho: :heart:
  2. Hey there! I was once a Coach addict as well, but like you moved on to LV.

    If you like big bags I think the most economical bag that LV makes at this moment is the Batignolles Horizontal. It is a spacious bag, very comfortable and pretty easy to maintain.

    I hope you enjoy reading the forum!
  3. hello hello and welcome!!!!

    i was new to LV about 9 months ago and I LOVE it so much now!!! My first bag was the Speedy 25 in classic monogram and I LOVE LOVE it!!!! it holds what i need and it comes in a size 30 also which is a little bigger.....

    you can also check out for LV!!!!
  4. Popincourt haut.. :yes:
    If you're into a bigger bag Lockit H, or BH :yahoo:
  5. Welcome to LV world! I used to be a Coach fanatic, too, and went over to LV 17 months ago. Looks like the LV bug has bitten you! As for a good starter LV bag, how about the Monogram Lockit? Check out and you'll find a lot of excellent choices for your first LV. Then of course, there is the classic Speedy style.

    I hope you find a bag that you truly love!
  6. Hi and welcome! : )

    For a starter bag I would suggest the Batignolles Horizontal, it's a huge bag and it's only $710. Or the more popular choice, Mono Speedy which is $595-$620.