Newbie to Jimmy Choo...question about hottest IT bag for Jimmy Choo this year

  1. Hiii, so im a newbie to Jimmy Choo (both handbags and shoes) I tend to lean more in the Chanel camp and sometimesBalenciaga especially, Gucci, Dior and LV but really I guess i seem to be more of a Chanel client...

    And for shoes Ive always stuck with louboutins and sometimes prada, chanel, chloe, ferragamos...just finding shoes to fit my teeny feet is problematic enough haha

    Anyhoo, i bought a pair of flat "luana" sandals from this current collection at the Jimmy Choo boutique and it doesnt fit me (they had to transfer it in from another store)!! The 35 is still huge on my foot and they wont give me a I was wondering what the hottest newest style clutches/handbags there are for Jimmy Choo out this collection or impending collections?

  2. hi calisnoopy! nice to see you drop in! :yes:i have been lurking in chanel of late, but know you from there.;)

    i am not a jimmy choo expert, but wanted to welcome you.:flowers: i'm sure the experts will chime in soon.
    for spring, take a look at this thread. the newest leather is the drummed leather. a soft, smooshy, textured leather. there are also some beautiful bright colors for spring like reds and turquoise.
    the zebra ( zanzibar print is also very hot!)

    check out these threads...
  3. Welcome calisnoopy!:flowers:
    There is also a suede trend in Choo this season with bright colors like Chili pepper and fushia.
    The newest addition as far as style goes is the Saba, which has sold out pretty quickly in some locations. It is not my favorite style, but is worth a look if you like large unstructured hobo bags. This one has some interesting hardware that looks like large bracelets around the shoulder strap.

    You should go to to see the cruise and spring/summer collections. Not everything is there, but there is quite a bit to drool over!:drool:
    I also love the new low wedge seems everone else does as well as most of the styles are sold out already at the web site:crybaby:
  4. Hi and welcome!!

    I am by no means a Choo expert, more an enthusiast, but I can tell you the bag Choo is pushing as the "it" bag this collection is the SABA. Every Sa is talking it up and there are wait lists to get them in some locations.

    Opinions differ, but I have one in black suede and love it. Its gets tons of compliments (and some unwanted touching :smile:) and is easiest my most comfortable bag. But I do think it is a bag you need to see in real life, however, as the pics online do nothing for it and it is a big bag. I posted pics of mine on the Sabas here thread.
  5. Welcome! I'm no expert either, but everything seems to point to the Saba as the way to go!
  6. Calisnoopy -- I have the same problem the 35 Choos are too big for me!!! The only Choo shoe I've found that I like and can wear is the Jag, an evening sandal.

    Choo bags and clutches are amazing, so I don't think you will have a problem finding something you love!! Too many choices ....
  7. Welcome Calisnoopy! :welcome:I agree with lionlaw - I think Saba's the topnotcher for now. The other styles came in in different makes (Mahala in Croc) but as far as new styles, Saba's getting the spotlight. Per my SA, the entire US (all boutiques) didnt not get a a generous number all together for the different Sabas. The will be a good springboard for looking for what you'll like. Goodluck on the hunt!
  8. welcome!

    I too am a bank depleting full on Chanel fan and second by bag lust with JC bags:love::love:
    Looks like the thread above are pointing you in a good "Choo" direction!
    The links Mick posted are great and I agree- that the "it bag" for this season is the Saba.
    I would also invite you to check out:
  9. would the ramona still be considered an "it" bag?
  10. IT bags = the hottest newest trendy bag for the current season...
    IMHO, I believe the Choo IT bag is the Saba. The Choo marketing machine has thrown some weight behind this, Tamara Mellon is wearing one around, and everyone is talking about it. IT bags have great emotional appeal, and are hard to get. IMHO, some IT bags make the transition into classics (like the Mahala SS06) and others do not (I predict the Alex AW07).

    I would not call the Ramona an IT bag. The Ramona is more of a classic style that will likely be around for many years. The Ramona does occasionally come in flashier materials, like robynbenz's shimmer patchwork python.
  11. hmm. if jessica simpson has a saba then it must be the new it bag... i suppose if that's the way you want to roll then that's the bag for you this season...
  12. the saba most def is an "it" bag. i dont see how it would ever be considered a classic. its really a funky bag though. it smells great too! i know that sounds cheezy but the leather does smell great!
  13. Roe - I would bet that most of us smell the leather on our bag. We had a thread about this on the BV forum...I think I'll start a similar one here, thanks!
  14. Do you have a Saba? If so, post pics!!! Mine is lonely in the reference library.