Newbie to Gucci from Chanel on Blondie ?

  1. Hiya!!
    I just came over from the Chanel TPF which is where I do most of my browsing but recently saw a girl with a Gucci Blondie bowler...

    I read up and did some research on past threads which were really helpful thanks to you gals (and guys =) but was interested in finding out a few things:

    --how much did the blondie bowler retail (someone mentioned 1400 USD?) for and how much should i expect to pay for one on eBay (which Im guessing is the only place to find one these days)? (looking at the red or black one with webbing/stripes design preferably)

    --I think I would love to own a Gucci Blondie bowler in red or black but does it come with the "webbing" stripes design in red too or just in black and white?

    --Also, does the bowler fit over the shoulders easily or is it only a hand held bag? And how heavy is it?

    --I saw another TPFer (blkladylaw) post her Blondie collection and was wondering about the messenger style (prices, name of the bag) and the red bag, is it a messenger style too?


    Thanks so much!!! I know this bag is super hard to find, well an authentic one anyways...but any help, pictures, advice, information is greatly appreciated!!! =)
  2. I believe the blondie bowlers retailed for $1250. Yes, the red also has the webbing and is very hard to find. One member, Lily, posted a picture of hers in Club Blondie. Here is the link:

    Recently, the bowlers have been going for around $1600, but the price also depends on the condition, color, etc.

    It is more of a hand-held bag but it could fit over the shoulder, although how comfortable it is varies from person to person.

    The red one in the photo above is the blondie flap and is a shoulder bag not a messenger style.
  3. ^^ thanks so much for your input emald37!!!

    Hmm...Im wondering if Id like the hobo style blondie or the blondie flaps more than the blondie bowlers then...are the bowlers heavy to just hold or put on the crook of your arm?
  4. yeah...i was gonna suggest for you to check out the Club Blondie thread. The girls there are so helpful and are very hardcore not to mention passionate blondie lovers! :yes: goodluck!!!
  5. Hardcore? Hm... Sorry for the dirty thoughts :biggrin:
  6. BEEEEEE!!!! hahahahaa it's so funny coz that same thought came across my mind right when i was typing the word. That's why i included the word "passionate" right after it to back pedal a little bit. LOL :roflmfao:

    and for some strange reason....i kinda had a feeling that you'd react! mwahahahahaa
  7. :roflmfao: There must be something in the water that we drink!!!!!!
  8. hahahahaha i bet!!! :nuts::nuts: