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  1. I was just browing on eBay and came across this listing. The seller has a few other 'designers' bag that are deeply discounted. I am no expert on Chloe Paddys but the pictures look good. How could this be? And the seller has a perfect score (but you can't see what they've sold) ???

    eBay: Chloe Paddington Metallic Grey Anthracite leather Nwt (item 160037688882 end time Nov-03-06 20:46:28 PST)

    The ladies on the LV forum report fake bags to eBay all the time, but since I am new to Chloe I don't want to cause any trouble if the bags here are indeed real???? But for less than $400???
  2. This probably belongs in the Authenticate Chloe section but it is indeed a fake bag. :sad:
  3. TravelBug- check out the Chloe Ref Lib and you can start to figure out which ones are real v fake. It's shocking how many fakes are out there! :cursing:
  4. Sorry, this belongs in the Authenticate This Chloe thread. Please post your question there~ Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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