Newbie to Chloe - Just got an Aubergine Paddy

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  1. Hi ladies ... I was one of the lucky ladies who got an aubergine paddy from NAP last week. Can I tell you I LOVE this bag? The color is just amazing, it changes in different light but mostly it's this rich dark brown with a purple tint to it. Anyway, the only thing is it is heavy!! The bag itself is very heavy, probably due to the leather. I had always been intrigued by the paddy but I am not much of a gold person and I wasn't sure about the huge padlock. But seeing the lovely aubergine paddy with silver hardware, and the 50% off price I knew I had to get it, and I am so glad I did.

    I wore it yesterday when I went shopping with DH. When I set the bag down on the floor in the car, he looked over, and said 'Wow, there is a HUUUGE padlock on your bag!' like someone telling you you have something on your teeth or something. :lol: I cracked up and said 'Yeah it's a huge padlock alright'. Then he just shrugged and went on his way. :P Men, they are so clueless!:rolleyes:
  2. TravelBug, so glad to know your first Paddy is working out so well :yahoo:
  3. It is so great to hear you are enjoying your bag!!! Congrats!! :yahoo:

    Re: padlocks & men...

    DH & I were putting our wines into a storage facility. Well dummy me forgot that they said we had to bring our own padlock. So there we are staring at our entire wine collection in a metal cage, no lock on hand.

    HELLO CHLOE!!! :nuts:

    DH was finally greatful for spending habits. :graucho:
  4. ^ hehehe.... they are very easy to pick though
  5. Travelbug I am so glad you like your aubergine, it is such a pretty color.
    And yes, they are heavy but we love them anyway. My DH does not get the appeal of having a lock on a bag at all.
  6. :roflmfao: :lol: :roflmfao: That's a really funny story!! You did leave your Chloe padlock there???
  7. Only temporarily :yes:

    We ran to the store and grabbed a real lock. I figured it was a long shot that another girl with a paddy in hand would have a wine locker-- but I love my lock ON my bag. LOL!!

    TB, I am so glad you are thrilled with augerbine. When you took her out, did you just pet her and stare at her the whole time?? :graucho: I love new bags!! :shame:

  8. I'm happy you are liking your paddy... Paddy's are All heavy but they are less so if you leave the lock off. Some people would frown on this practice but I almost always carry mine without the lock. I agree about the aubergine colour, and I think I understand why it's called metallise, it really looks like metal in the daylight! It does change so with lighting & goes with everything I've worn so far... I Love it!!
  9. I dont find the paddy heavy - but I have had a few!

    I agree with the colour - it changes in the light and can be worn with browns too - I love it!

  10. I found myself looking in the mirror a lot and checking the bag out when we were out shopping! People probably thought I was narcistic! :lol:
  11. Congrats TravelBug - enjoy your aubergine! :flowers:
    There's nothing better than toting with new paddy! :graucho:
  12. Congrats on your new aubergine! I agree...the twinge of purple makes it such a pretty colour! And what a great deal too!
  13. is the aubergine still available for sale?
  14. unless they had returns I dont think NAP still have it - you might find it elsewhere though
  15. I think it is now back in stock at NAP, but at full price! :sad:
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