Newbie to BV and help for men wallet

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    any special men wallet for youngers that a advised?

    or i hv found these 2 in an accident,which 1 is better?

    the 2nd one is said that is made by VN leather (lamp skin)?
    the 1st one is made by calf leather..........
    any pro and con abt these two wallets?
    113993_VN032_3822_B_600x600.jpg 113993_V4651_3822_B_600x600.jpg
  2. ^I gave my hubby the one in the upper picture in ebano. I hate to sound negative but he uses it only to make me happy. It's very bulky compared to the Coach he had. It also has not maintained its shape very well. He carries it in his back pocket and spends a good part of his day on his feet, not sitting down. The corners have curled. The overall look is that of a very worn wallet, not one that's only a year old. I'm sure others here have had better experiences. I hope they see your post and weigh in.
  3. I gave my son the one in the bottom picture in gladiola
    and gave my cousin the bottom one in pourpre
    they both love them and are wearing really well
  4. they also make a zip around wallet for men
    I hear it is very nice
  5. The only downside with the zip wallet is one side just has a coin compartment. I'd buy one in a heartbeat if they made a zip wallet with CC slots on both sides. I was told by the SA that they don't make them that way, though.
  6. oh, thanks. and,
    may i ask what is the difference between ebano or nero intrecciato ??
    also, any basic BV inform should i know? eg. the types of leather...,...,..
  7. or any special terms that i should know?
    1000 x thanks.:p
  8. I'm sorry to hear that. :sad: I was considering that wallet as a gift for my boyfriend.
  9. EBano = brown
    nero = black
    nappa = lambskin
    most mens wallets are made of nappa
    but they do some in other leathers besides nappa
    the stiffer leathers will probably hold their shape better than the nappa

  10. The wallet in the bottom photo is a great choice, it comes down to personal preference in the design in the front of the wallet. I prefer this one as its intrecciato all around. The leather feels great once it you break into it.
  11. all good, just make sure apply some protector or preserver once a month to keep it in good condition