Newbie to Burberry - What should I be looking for?

  1. Hi! I am a newbie to Burberry. My mother-in-law just visited a society "consignment" shop and picked up a small Burberry purse. It has the original Burberry fabric, but the strap feels like plastic, not leather. The tag on the outside of the purse says BURBERRY and London underneath with what looks like a knight on a horse to the left of the name. It is lined in a tan fabric. I will take a picture and post it later. Should I assume that all Burberry's have leather straps? Should there be an identification number or tag inside? The woman who brought it in swears it is authentic. She says that she got it in London as a gift. Please let me know if there are any truly tell-tale signs of authenticity. I am used to Coach bags and this does not even come close to their quality. Thanks!
  2. burberry bags SHOULD have leather straps.. generally the tag is on the inside of the purse not on the outside... but i think we need pics for confirmations! of both the inside and out
  3. Take a look to burberry jackets!
  4. Take a look at the cashmere scarves ! they're super soft and warm :heart: