Newbie to Birken

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  1. Hiya

    Am a total virgin to Hermes Birken, only know from what I see Victoria Beckham sporting.

    How much (in the UK) do these bags go for?


    Stefy x
  2. Welcome,

    Victoria Beckham is indeed a walking adevertisement for the Birkin.

    I bought my last birkin for about £3,700 or so from the Bond St boutique in November. I can't recall the exact price but I definitely remember feeling the pinch.:upsidedown:

    ETA : Prices have gone up since then so it may be best to wait for more up to date information
  3. wow that is alot

    thanx for the reply :smile:
  4. I just bought my Birkin 35 in Bond Street for £4030
  5. ^^^ gosh that's a lot - around a 10% increase. I know the US had a price increase but didn't realise it was that big an increase in the UK

    I wonder how much the 32cm kelly costs now as I'm waiting for one.
  6. I think it went up about £230 from last year, I thought it was around £3800 in 2007
  7. I think there was a H price increase of 10-12% in all european countries... :cursing:
  8. Do they go up every year?
  9. ^^^ Unfortunately yes - I always convince myeself its better to buy now as the prices will only keep increasing :P

    Not sure how long that argument will work - don't think i will continue/justify buying much more at these prices.
  10. I'm planning on getting one next year and the year after because of the one a year rule it's the only way