Newbie to bbags... Anyone with pics of Blue India?

  1. Here's my problem ... only 1 store in Sydney sells bbags and their stock is limited. They don't have any bbags in blue.

    I can't decide on a black First or a Blue India Purse. Bbags are addictive ... I only just got myself a camel Twiggy and I'm already obsessing over another bbag!!!
  2. i am a BI coveter as well. i will hopefully have my first Day in BI tomorrow! here is a picture of the BI City. this color is just so beautiful. vs a black I would definitely get the BI.
    bi city aloha 2.jpg
  3. *hee hee* Mara is that you??

    Camelot, speak to Lily at Cultstatus because they are expecting a new shipment of the current season in 2 wks time. She does the buying for the store, so you can ask her abt the S/S07 bbags they have ordered :graucho:

    I think they still have a BI in several styles too!
  4. My BI Twiggy is in my avatar. :smile:

  5. hi miss jade!! yep it's me...i couldn't just use Mara so i added an E. hahaha. :P